The Halloween Costume pt 2

Well, he didn’t let me off the hook.  He wanted to be a wizard.  Saturday I ran to the fabric store to pick up some wizardy looking material.  And let me tell you, I got lucky. 
I found REMNANTS that were perfect!!! I got navy fleece for the cape and hat.   And then I found some navy sheer fabric with sparkles (obviously from formal dress fabric) that I thought would make perfect stars and moons. 
Of course, since I had a plan, things went awry.  I cut the cape and hat pieces, cut out a bunch of stars and started sewing.  Annnnd, my sewing machine needle broke.  At this point, I was running short on time and decided that it would probably be quicker for me to just get my embroidery hoop out and sew the stars on by hand.  I also had to sew the hat together by hand.  So glad that I bought fleece because otherwise there would have been a lot of hemming to do too.    Despite the broken needle, I got it done.  So, dumdumdumdum dum (that’s my drum roll) here it  is…

He’s already back from trick or treating and he seems very satisfied with his costume and candy collecting—so it was worth the $4 and time.  🙂
Happy Halloween!!!!  (tomorrow I start digging out my Christmas music)

3 thoughts on “The Halloween Costume pt 2

  1. Well I think you did a great job and I'm sure he loved it!! I can only sew buttons and even then I don't like doing it :)Hi! Following you from the Give a Hoot blog hop :)Happy November to you!!

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