Thanksgiving sides part 3

How did I forget the jello salad?!?!?!  Thank goodness my buddy Mary the Kay (yes, her name is really Mary Kay and no, her car is not pink) commented on my last post and mentioned it! 
Now, we have two jello salads that we alternate between.  The first is the lime jello with pineapple and cream cheese.  I like that one and so does the mister but it is not high on the fave list with the kids.  The other is the strawberry jello layer salad.  Now this one is a winner with all.  We like it so much that I make it often. 

2 small boxes of strawberry jello
1 pkg of softened cream cheese
1 C of sour cream
3 TBS of sugar (or to taste)
1 large can of crushed pineapple, drained
1 box of frozen strawberries, thawed and drained
1 container of cool whip, thawed

Mix 1 box of jello according to package directions.  Pour into 9×13 glass dish and place in refrigerator to chill.  When jello is about half way “jelled”, it a bit of it will stick to your finger if you touch the surface, mix the pineapple into the jello.  Place back in refrigerator to finish setting.  Mix cream cheese, sour cream and sugar until creamy and well blended.  Spread on top of set jello.  Replace in fridge to set.  (apx an hour for this set).  Mix second box of  jello.  DO NOT POUR on top of cream cheese.  Keep this box of jello in a glass bowl and place in fridge to partially set.  When it is halfway jelled, mix in the strawberrries and then pour over the cream cheese layer.  Place in fridge to finish setting.  Once this layer is fully set, spread cool whip over top. 
This takes a long time because of all the wait time for the jello to set, but it is easy to do and very tasty.

Mr. G’s cornbread dressing.
2 packages of cornbread mix.
1 loaf of white bread
1 box of chicken broth
1 bunch of celery
1 onion
3 hard boiled eggs
salt, pepper, sage
2 sticks of melted butter

Back the cornbread according to package directions.  Set aside to cool.  Lay slices of bread out on a cookie sheet and put in the oven to toast.  When cornbread and toast are cool, crumble both up into a large bowl.  Chop up the onion, celery, and boiled eggs (the amount of onion and celery you use is kind of up to your taste.  Mr. G uses a whole onion and about 1/2 of a bunch of celery)  Add these to the bread crumbs. Pour in the melted butter and slowing add the broth and mix.  This will be a very wet, loose mixture.  Add the broth a little at a time so that you can stop when you feel like you have enough liquid.  It should look like runny oatmeal.  Add in salt, pepper and sage.  You are just kind of eyeballing it at this point.  Err on the side of not enough.  You are then going to get a small pan (like an 8×8 square) and bake a little of the mixture.  You will know it is done when it is golden brown, set, and the edges are pulling away from the pan.  Taste your sample so that you can adjust seasoning as needed then pour into baking pans.  Mr. G typically uses 2 foil pans, half sheet size.  Bake at 350. You can cover with foil for the first half of baking so that it doesn’t dry out before the center is done.

Confession—I do not like dressing.  But Mr. G LOVES it and he gets rave reviews whenever he makes this.  So, although I cannot personally say this is good, many others have tasted it and said it is great.  🙂



One thought on “Thanksgiving sides part 3

  1. Hmmm…we are alike in so many ways, except for the dressing part. I could leave everything else and just eat the dressing!!I also love the lime jello one, except we make it with pears instead of pineapple and call it 'sea foam'. YUM.

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