Feast or famine

Do you ever notice that you can go for a week or two and have NOTHING to blog about and then you’ll have 200 things you want to write about?  What is that?  The last couple of weeks, I’ve had nothing.  And now, I’ve probably got 2 weeks worth of posts rolling around in my head.  I decided I would go in chronological order—by what occurred first. 
And that is…. my new “gallery wall”
Check it out,
This is the BEFORE.  Nothing wrong with it.  Looks OK, but NOW

This is the after.  And I am so pleased with the final product!

I wanted to hang our new family pictures, and keep up the pics of the boys that were already on the wall, ANNNND I kind of fell in love with the frame in the center so I had to figure out a way to make it all come together.  The first family pic I printed for that center frame was black and white but it just didn’t look right in the frame.  So, I chose a different pic in color and printed it instead.  I just liked the frame too much to take it back and get another.   Even Mr. G likes the way the wall looks now—and he can be a tough critic!  And what I love best about it is that I was able to get them even and in place without a bunch of measuring, math, or rearranging.  I had actually put off doing this for a couple of weeks because I thought this would be daunting to take on.  (Have you ever seen the stuff on pinterest for figuring out where and how to hang your pictures?!)  But it actually turned out to be really easy and I used the width of my hand for measurement!  LOL  And I only had to pull out a nail and reposition twice.  🙂



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