Deck the halls

Have you started decorating for Christmas?  We started over the weekend.  Now, before you start flooding my comments with things like “it’s too early!  Why are you rushing it?  Don’t you want to enjoy Thanksgiving?” etc.  Let me explain why we decorated already.  Mr. G has been doing a LOT of traveling for work this fall.  He has been gone at least 1/2 of every week since school started.  And there is no end to the traveling until Christmas.  And, as I have mentioned before,  football is a religion in Texas and my husband is devout.  So the next two weekends (at least) are going to be taken up by high school footbal playoffs.  Additionally, Chris is now competing in academic events and he has two competitions on Saturdays between now and Christmas.  So, if we were going to get Christmas decorations up this year, it was this weekend or never. 
That said, allow me to take you on a tour…

Here are my nativity sets, on the buffet in the living room. 
Tree in kitchen.  I need to take some closeups of the the stuff on it.  It is decorated with wooden ornaments, cookie cutters, and beaded fruit

Top of the China cabinet.  The gumdrop lights on the garland are some of my favorites.  The santas are some that Mr. G has been collecting for years.

Past Christmas pics on the counter by the tree

Main tree in living room.  This is the one that will get the presents around in.  The pink and green are new this year, and I like it, but I feel like it still needs something

Tree in the office/craft room.  This is where I put the presents that are going to folks who won’t be with us here on Christmas eve.  It makes sorting sooo much easier.

Close up of shot of the main tree
So have you decorated yet?  Do you have a traditional day/time that you do it?  Thanksgiving weekend is our traditional time.   
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.  I hope that it is filled with good food, fellowship with folks you love, and God’s blessings.  

One thought on “Deck the halls

  1. I love your trees! They look so pretty! I like to decorate the weekend before Thanksgiving – especially if we are going away for Thanksgiving, but we didn't get it done this year, and with Steve's dad dying, and then PJ's and Presents, we just got our tree up yesterday. That just made me sad! I like to have it up much longer than this! And I think I'm going to have to pare way down this year on my decorating – just the tree and our main nativity scene. BUT I did get new stockings made which is awesome! I made some when there were just 4 of us, and then I never made any for Lily and Joey because I knew I wanted something different but didn't know what. I finally decided on something, so finally, now that Lily is 7 years old she will have her own stocking instead of using mine! I'll have to show you pics next week!

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