The Pinterest effect

Every morning at school, I am very happy to spend the first part of my day with my lovely friend, Alayna.  She is a seamstress/embroideress extraordinaire.  She also likes to craft, cook, and organize.  And she is also fond of Pioneer Women and the amazing things she cooks.  So, I HAD to introduce Alayna to Pinterest.  What kind of friend would I be if I kept this a secret from her?  Well, can you guess where this is going?  She’s hooked!  Addicted! 
Which if you are on Pinterest, you can totally understand.  Once you get in there and look around at all the cool things.  And start to organize them.  And see things you want to cook, and craft, and organize, and read, and visit, and decorate, and plan…..You get a little obsessed.  You might even find yourself trolling other boards, blogs, and sites just to find more stuff to pin to your boards.  Umm, not that I’ve ever done that.  But I digress.
As I was saying, Alayna’s addicted.  And it is not uncommon for us to discuss some of our newest, coolest find.  Which leads me to these…
Fun pillows    Fish Scale Pattern Pillow. Cute. 
I was telling Alayna that I wanted to make new throw pillows for the sofa.  She told me that she had made one of the flower pillows and that it was really easy.  Well, I made some new pillows last night including the flower pillow.  Yes, I made something I had pinned on my boards!!!

These were all made from fabric I already had on hand, and I cut the old covers off our throw pillows and used the insides to stuff the new ones.  They are all soft, important since this is our napping couch.  And they are all bright and mismatchy which is what I wanted since they are in our family room.  And check out the new slipcover!  I am loving it. 
I will say that the stitching the eyes on to the owl was quite the bedeviling task.  (So don’t look too closely at the pic.) But, I have told myself to get over.  The boys love them and they are going to get tossed around and slept on anyway, so who cares?!
I’m not done.  I have two more pillows I want to make for this room, 1 more for the sofa (just because I prefer odd numbers when decorating) and I want to make one a little bit larger to have in our chair in the room.  Then maybe I’ll make fancier ones for the living room. 
And then I could make those dishtowels I pinned, and the phone covers, and the baby blankets, and …..
see, I told you it’s an addiction!

3 thoughts on “The Pinterest effect

  1. Aww…you're so sweet! I was finally able to click on your blog and read it – not sure what my problem was before, but I've been enjoying catching up on all your posts, and I LOVE your pillows – they turned out so cute! And, you're right – I'm definitely addicted to interest – haven't been on Facebook in forever – just got on there tonight because I remembered you telling me about these pillows so I wanted to get on there to get your blog link – glad I did! See you Monday!

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