All gobbled out

I hope that you all had a happy Thanksgiving.  Our plans were changed at the last minute.  My parents were supposed to come here for Thanksgiving but then on Wednesday, Christopher and I began the day at the walk in clinic.  So, my parents decided to stay home, scared away by the strep throat germs.  Instead, the guys and I went over to Mr. G’s cousin’s house for lunch.  And then we were back home in time for Mr. G to watch the Cowboy game.  I took a little nap to prep for the Black Friday shopping. 

Now, this may be against the majority, but I did not like the midnight store openings for Black Friday.  There were waaaaay too many people out.  People, who obviously were out because the stores opened at midnight but would not be out shopping if the stores had stuck to the traditional 4 or 5 a.m. opening.  We spent alot of time driving store to store  only to find out that the line was so long that we couldn’t get in anyway.  The worse place for check out was Old Navy.  I think we stood in line for 1 1/2 hours.  I’m not sure—I got a little groggy after awhile.  All, for 15$ jeans.  We stayed out all night.  By 7:00 we were all getting a little loopy and punchy.  At one point my sister in law was calling her husband “Ricky” (which is not his name BTW) and that struck us all so funny that she almost wet her pants and I was crying from laughing so hard. 

But, have you ever had that moment at which you are so stinking tired that you just can’t even get into a good, deep sleep?  We were all exhausted and we only slept a few hours. And, despite my best efforts, I couldn’t fall asleep later for a nap.  Finally, all in our house went to bed at 8:00 and slept for a minimum of 10 hours.  And what is it about getting older, that causes you to need days of sleep to recover from a late night?   Once upon a time in college, Mr. G and I could stay up all night all the time.  Now?  We look and feel like we’ve been hit by a train.  And we are still dragging around 3 days later!

OK, so it is about 3 weeks until Christmas!!!! Can you believe that?  I can’t!  And it is going to go sooooo fast.  The calendar is already filling up fast.  The boys each have a Christmas concert at school, I have two at my school.  E has basketball practice, C has an academic competition, two holiday parties are already scheduled. Whew! And we aren’t even in  December yet.    I have already mailed out my Christmas cards. And the house is 90% decorated.  I have even wrapped almost everything that I have already bought!  Which, if you know me well, is a MAJOR achievement.  I am usually wrapping like a fiend the last few days before Christmas.  This year, I am trying to stay ahead of the curve so that I can enjoy the holidays and events rather than feeling pressured and burdened throughout.   LOL—I’ll let you know how that goes—by next week I may be sinking in wrapping paper.  🙂


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