Stuff that harshes my Christmas mellow

It’s the most wonderful tiiiiime of the year….
And it would be even better without the following….

George Michael’s “Last Christmas”  I know one of you is going to send me a comment about how this is your favorite Christmas song of all time and how could I possibly not recognize the greatness of it—-you are not going to change my mind.  I didn’t like it back in the 80’s when it came out and when George Michael was still cool and I don’t like it now.  I don’t like anyone’s version of it though so my dislike of the song has nothing to do with the singer.  The only Christmas song I dislike as much as this one is “Santa Baby” by Mariah Carey (well anything by Mariah Carey actually but I digress)

Stores that run out of advent calendars on December 2nd. 

People who are nasty and grumpy and take it out on others.  I get it—this can be a frustrating time of year with the crowds and the lines, etc but it is not the waiter’s/cashier’s/receptionist’s fault.  So, either shake it off and act amiable or stay home and quit ruining everyone else’s mood. 

Laundry that gets left in the dryer.  Oops, sorry, that is not really a Christmas specific annoyance, but it does really annoy me.

People who turn on their outside Christmas lights but still have pumpkins on their porches.  Pick a holiday OK, and then let the other one go. 

When I KNOW I have bought a Christmas present but CANNOT for all that is holy remember where the heck I hid it.

People who are cranky–oh yeah I already mentioned that—but specifically cranky about Christmas, the Christmas season, the music, the events, everything related to Christmas and gripe, gripe, gripe aobut it.  Look, you’ve got 340 days of the year to be a miserable human being but from Dec 1st to the 25th shut up.  The rest of us are trying to enjoy the spirit of the season and you are bringing us down.

When my caramel apple cider falls over in the cup holder and spills all over my floor board. 

This one too is probably going to get a flood of comments about my taste or lack there of—the movie “A Christmas Story”  You know, the movie that TNT or TBS runs for 24 hours straight on Christmas day.  Where the boy sticks his tongue to the frozen pole and the other kid wants a bb gun?  Yes, that one.  I dislike, abhor, cannot stand that movie.  And, I am married to a man who thinks it is one of the greatest things about Christmas.  I think it is hideous.  My idea of a Christmas classic movie is White Christmas with Bing Crosby or even It’s a Wonderful Life with Jimmy Stuart.

When laundry gets left in the dryer—oh yeah, I already said that too didn’t I?  Well, I’ve got a load of clothes tossing around in there right now so it’s kinda on my mind. 

What irritates you during December and takes a piece of your Christmas joy? 


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