Jack, Chris, and Evan

Sorry, I haven’t blooged in the last few days.  Things have been a little crazy.  At my school, we have had our Christmas programs.  One was today and one yesterday.  It went well, but it has been crazy stressful rehearsing with the kids and getting all the little details done. 

Then today, BOTH boys had Christmas programs at school.  It was NUTS!!! One program was at 1:30 and the other was at 2:00.  It is a good thing that the kids schools are pretty close together because I had to zoom from one to the other to make both programs. 

Here are some pics.  I am sure that there are probably too many.  Forgive my proud mama moment. 

That’s my saxaphonist in the green shirt and Santa hat

he was a little anxious because he saw his dad but didn’t see me–I was on the other side of the gym taking pics

And here’s the little guy

we sent him to school in a sweater too but he said the music teacher told him it was a jacket and he had to take it off (because it had a zipper—-grrrr)
And just in case you haven’t seen enough of my children, I have some videos for you too!  Or NOT!  Blogger has been showing that my video has been uploading for the last 45 minutes and then it still didn’t load.  Sorry, they were awfully cute.  You’ll just have to imagine it. 
On to Jack…he has been all over the place
In the nativity scene

writing messages

snatching the boys books and reading them

leaving notes and cookies

riding a pig and hanging out with smooch

on top of the curtain rods

And look at the cute guys!  This was this morning before we left for school, see the cute sweater E was wearing?!  And Chris lost the tie before the performance too.  sigh, my boys just don’t have fancy in them.

One thought on “Jack, Chris, and Evan

  1. Jack riding the Razorback was the BEST! Yehaw–you're FUNNY.Also–my girls don't have the fancy in them, eihter…as MUCH as I'd like them to. *sigh* That would have made me MAD that the teacher made him take off his SWEATER. NO ONE would call that a jacket.

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