Some Christmas crafting

I don’t know why I do this, but I do it EVERY time.  And it doesn’t matter if it is for a birthday, baby shower, Christmas, whatever—it doesn’t matter.  I get started early, way early, and then don’t finish.  Because I figure that I have plenty of time to get it done before the event.  And then, at the last minute, like the day before, I am working to get the project done. 
And once again, I’ve done the same.  Let me show you what I’ve gotten done this evening. 

I got this plain, white box at Michael’s for a dollar and cut out a red cross from card stock and glued it to the lid

then I started putting goodies inside.  But I couldn’t just dump them in the box—they had to look cute.  So, I added some red ribbon and tied some items together.  Like the individual hand wipes…

A tube of hand lotion and a little set of nail clippers, file, scissors, and tweezers
Some itty bitty toothbrushes with paste in them and a box of floss

some Tums and a bottle of Excedrin

A mini hairbrush/mirror and a Tide to go stick
A lip balm and some cough drops (do you keep cute little bags, pouches, and boxes that stuff comes in when you buy it?  I do and this time it turned out to be very useful.  I didn’t want to just toss the cough drops inside the box and rummaged around and found this little bag)

And some chocolate.  I put these in a ziploc because I didn’t want them to taste like mint from being in the box with the floss.

And then I put it all in the box and tied it up with a ribbon.  An “emergency kit” for E’s teacher!  Merry Christmas Mrs. C!!!!
Truly, you don’t know how many times these very types of items come in handy in a classroom. 
THEN……..I finished off these…
This is the back….

And this is the front.  They are little pouches for your cell phone.  I had made the owls months ago but I hadn’t put the pouches together or attached the owls to them.  So I got that done today.  These are gifts for my friends.  (Kendra, if you’re reading this don’t let the cat out of the bag! And, I’m not telling which one is yours!)  I did them all by hand, except the seams on the pouch–I ran that through the machine so that they would be sturdy.  And everyone got an owl because they are so fashionable right now and I’m kinda in love with them.  🙂
And at this point I would really like to say that I have finished all my Christmas projects but I haven’t.  And, Mr. G has decided to invite the folks that work with him in his department over for lunch on Monday, which means I need to give this house a good scrub down ANNND prep food.    I’ll post some pics tomorrow. 

2 thoughts on “Some Christmas crafting

  1. LOVE the Emergency Kit! You are so crafty and creative. Bet E's teacher thought it was the best gift she received. Your Owls are adorable! Did you freehand them or did you use a pattern? Good luck with the party and last-minute prep. I'm completely last-minute. Did some cleaning yesterday, and still need to complete some shopping this week. Yikes!

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