Last minute prep–AGAIN

My darling husband decided (at the last minute) that he would invite his department over for lunch today.  Which would have be completely fine if I had not had 3 things already scheduled for today.  So, to accomodate his schedule I cleaned house until 9:00 last night and then cancelled two things today so that I could do last minute prep and bake a chocolate cake for him.  Then I, literally, showered, dressed, did make-up and hair in 30 minutes so that I could zip over to the elementary school for E’s Christmas party. 
It was CA–RAY–ZEE!!!

There was apparently some confusion over what people were supposed to bring and who was supposed to do what.  And there was a mom who thought that she should stand around to observe and boss people around.  At one point it may have crossed my mind to strangle her when she kept telling me that her son hadn’t gotten a brownie.  Yes, she could have gotten up and gotten him a brownie but apparently she thought I worked there. 

And then last night, becasue I ddin’t think that I had enough to do, I made these for Evan to hand out at the party.  I got the idea from Pinterest.  On Pinterest they used a large hershey bar, brads, and pipe cleaners.  I couldn’t find the boxes of large hershey bars.  I didn’t want to mess with the brads, and of course, I thought I had pipe cleaners and then didn’t.  So, I used 2 mini hershey bars for each one.  I cut regular printer paper into 1/4s and used these to wrap up the bars laid end to end.  Then I used markers to draw on the faces and buttons.  For the scarves, I used the kids’ Bendaroos.  Then, I taped a Christmas pencil to the back of each little snowman.  Because in 1st grade pencils are a BIG deal!    So here is the final product…

One thought on “Last minute prep–AGAIN

  1. You are fabulous! You know that, right? Those snowmen are adorable. Great job on everything!PS…Those kinds of Moms that look for 'wrongs' are always given a job by me…whether or not I'm in charge of the party…usually picking up the trash. 😉 Happy Monday!

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