oh my…the drama

Last week, E noticed that he had a loose tooth.  When he was showing it to me, I noticed that both his permanent teeth on the bottom front were already thru the gums but the baby teeth weren’t out.  One of the baby teeth feel out within a couple of days but the other one was not moving a bit.  I called the dentist and we needed to go in to get an xray.  The final result–the tooth had to be pulled.  Turns out that when the permanent tooth came in it came through at an angle that prevented the root of the baby tooth from being reabsorbed.  So, it was going nowhere without a dentist’s help. 
Today was the big tooth pullin’ day.  Up until last night, he seemed perfectly fine with getting this tooth pulled.  Then last night he got upset and said that he was scared.  Which was kind of weird because he has never had any problems with going to our dentist.  Then today when I picked him up to go to the dentist he started getting upset again.  Well, once we got to the office he was perfectly fine.  They gave him nitrous and novacaine, he was goofing around with the dentist, and then the tooth was out and we were on our way.  Well, we no sooner got through the door and he burst into tears.  But not because it hurt.  He was upset because his mouth was numb and it felt weird.  I think it was really a combo of nerves and laughing gas but the outcome was him being weepy off and on the rest of the day.  THEN he lost the dang tooth!!!! Which really sent him over the edge and into hysteria.  Finally, I got him to calm down and told him that he could just write a note to the tooth fairy and put it under his pillow. OH MY WORD!!! You would not believe the drama! 
Now he is asleep (possibly because he needed the sleep and I needed the break) and the note is under his pillow.  However, I fully expect there to be more drama in the morning because he is under the impression that the tooth fairy will be bringing him a video game and when he instead finds money it’s gonna get ugly. 
In the meantime, here’s a pic of his new teeth

And with that—I wish you a good night friends!

3 thoughts on “oh my…the drama

  1. My kids aren't old enough to lose teeth yet and I guess I can't remember my own but isn't that funny how the teeth grew in behind the two original? Ugh, I cannot wait for teeth pulling (serious sarcasm here). I remember bawling my face off when my mom would even want to LOOK at them.

  2. Poor E! Son#1 had to have 5 teeth pulled last year. I'm not so sure it was necessary, because he had gaps for the longest time after. ☺ Your Tooth Fairy gives video games? Lucky kids! Hope your today goes much better than your yesterday. Happy Wednesday! ☺

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