Christmas eve? or Christmas morning?

Do you open presents Christmas eve or Christmas morning?  Growing up, we always opened ours Christmas eve.  All of them.  Even Santa’s—he would come while we were at candlelight service.  My husband came from a Christmas eve family too.  And when we first got married, since we had no kiddos, Santa didn’t stop at our house, so everything was opened Christmas eve.  But THEN, we got those crazy boys and traditions changed.  Now, we open all the family presents on Christmas eve and then Santa comes once they go to bed, so they have more surprises in the morning. 
Last year, or maybe it was the year before–sorry, my memory fails, my sister in law and I made the executive decision to change the schedule again.  See, we used to eat supper, clean up and then open presents.  Which resulted in us spending many, many hours telling the kids “not yet!”  Plus, we would be so busy watching what they opened, and making sure that nothing got lost or thrown away in the wrapping paper whirlwind, that we never got to enjoy opening our presents or seeing what others got.  So, what we do now is….we let the kids open their presents before supper.  Then we eat.  Then, while the kids are playing with all the new stuff, the grown ups get to open their presents.  It makes for a much more relaxed evening. 
Then in the morning, the boys will wake us up at the crack of dawn to see what Santa left.  Here at our house, Santa quit wrapping presents a few years ago.  Instead, he brought the boys these large felt bags (they look an awful lot like ones I saw at Michaels)  and then he puts each boy’s surprises in that boy’s bag.  Isn’t Santa clever?! 
And we no longer do fancy food or big supper on Christmas eve.  Typically, we do finger foods.  Uncle J is committed to bringing a nugget tray from Chick fil a every year.  He did this once and now the kids will NEVER let him stop doing it.  This year alongside the nuggets we are having ham and cheese sliders, a veggie tray, cheese fries, strawberry jello salad, and Christmas cookies.  This way, after all the gift opening, people can snack on whatever is left after dinner and the clean up is EASY. 

OK, that is my Christmas eve update.  Now I gotta go finish laundry and bake some cookies.  I hope all of you have a magical Christmas eve, filled with love and fellowship. 


One thought on “Christmas eve? or Christmas morning?

  1. We spend Christmas Eve with my family. This year we hosted. We open presents from them. We spend Christmas Day with DH's family. Santa has NEVER wrapped any presents in our home. He leaves a 'pile' for each kid in a certain area in the den. They always seem to know which is theirs. ☺ Santa's presents arrive on Christmas morning. I like your method with the bag. Great idea! Merry Christmas!

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