Wild Impulses

Picture this…
2 children in the back seat of a car.  Not talking, not touching each other.  Just quietly riding in the car.  The one reaches out and sticks his finger in the mouth of the other.  The victim in this scenario then gags and screams “GROSS!”  Why did this happen?  Wild impulse.

Another scenario…
Same car, same children.  One in the front seat, one in the back.  Not talking, not arguing.  Just enjoying the ride.  The one in the back seat licks his index finger and reaches forward to place the moist finger in the ear of the other.  Why?  Wild impulse. 

And another…
Same children, on a sofa, watching TV.  Sitting quietly, enjoying the show.  Suddenly, one leans over and licks the other.  Why?  Wild impulse.

What can we learn from these stories friends?
(A) Wild impulses may well have been the cause of all war and conflict in the history of the world.
(B)  The children in question seem to have some sort of odd obsession and need to mark others with their saliva.  They also seem to have an oral fixation.
(C) The children in question are little weirdos and may be in need of psychological help.
(D) These children have obviously been raised by wolves and are having difficulty adapting to the human world.
(E) All of the above

What do you think the answer is?


5 thoughts on “Wild Impulses

  1. The first scenario immediately made me think of my paternal grandmother. I have become very adept at stifling a yawn! If you ever made the mistake of yawning without covering your mouth when she was around, you would close it to find her finger there LOL.I have only ever heard of the finger in the ear thing on TV. I've never known anyone to actually do that, but a friend of mine does have a cousin who could very well walk up an lick your face unexpectedly LOL. (#TALU)

  2. My siblings and I did all of these things to each other, and more. Like when walking by someone who is lying flat on the couch or floor, walk by and "claw" him in the stomach. Wild impulses are just funny, except when one of my kids does it to another, who isn't in the mood, and a fight ensues. Then, not so much. I like that you call them "wild impulses". Much better than "intentional annoyances".

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