The last gasp of 2011

Whew–it has been a crazy, whirlwind last three weeks.  I thought that the Christmas break would be an opportunity for me to read some books, go to the pottery studio, make some crafts….umm, yeah, not so much.  But that doesn’t mean, AT ALL, that it has been bad.  In fact, it has been really great.  let me show you some of what has been happening in the last few weeks.

This is the finished product of the gingerbread house.  I think I posted pics previously of the kids working on it.  But I never put up any pics of the house once it was done.  I know you were barely able to enjoy Christmas with this question hanging over your head.
We had a lovely Christmas.  It was kind of low key but lots of fun.  Chris got a Ninja Smoothie machine for Christmas.  And can you believe the darn thing already broke?!?!  We’ve used it 3 times and the post part of the blade broke on the last try!  So, I’ve gotta take that back to the dreaded Walmart tomorrow. Ugh,  I hate the Walmart! 
Evan got one of these mini doughnut makers for Christmas.  And he could not wait to try it out.  Finally, yesterday we made some doughnuts. 

It was really pretty easy but we will probably use a different recipe next time.  We used the one that came in the directions with the little machine and it didn’t taste bad we just didn’t love it.  We covered some in powdered sugar, some in cinnamon sugar, and some in glaze.  The kids informed that next time we need real frosting instead of glaze.  🙂

For New Year’s Eve we planned a big night of favorite foods and board games.  It doesn’t look very appetizing in this pic…

but we had homemade mac and cheese, meatballs and spinach dip.  Yes, it was random but the kids enjoyed it and the games were fun.  We played Pictureaka and Blokus

And today, I got Mr. G to help me work on purging and re-organizing the office.  Several months ago, I told you that we were working on making the office a shared space so that I would have a room to craft it and store my stuff.  Well, I never really felt like I did a very good job of merging the two spaces or organizing my materials.  The cabinet above had been behind the desk and had the printer on top.  Today we emptied it all out and moved it across the room.  I organized all my craft supplies and made good use of my NEW LABELMAKER!!!! Now, not everything I have fit in this cabinet becasue I wasn’t able to use the drawers (’cause there is other stuff in there that couldn’t be relocated).  We have spent almost all day in the office/craft room and still aren’t quite done.  As soon as we are I will post some more pics. 
And, finally, these pics are illustrative of nothing I have done but show you are super cute kitten.. .

Blessings friends!

2 thoughts on “The last gasp of 2011

  1. The gingerbread houses look fabulous! We usually do the family favorite foods for New Years too. This year we went to dinner (had a gift certificate) at a new restaurant. Wished we'd stuck with our traditional plans. 😉 Happy New Year! Congrats on the newly organized craft space. Can't wait to see what you create! ☺

  2. I really want one of those donut makers!! Every time I see one in the store, I look at it longingly… But, it's probably for the BEST that I don't have one! 🙂 I could very easily start LOOKING LIKE a donut!!Your craft cabinet looks beau-ti-ful!!!

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