Insights for 2012

Yes, I am aware that we are only a week into 2012.  But I think that may be the best time to share some insights. That way you can put them to use early on in the year and think “wow, my year is so much better because of this!”   You will think that right?

OK–on to the insights!

#1  Inform your spouse. 
I have recently discovered that my husband does not know alot about details of our household.  For example, he does not know where to pick up the kids after school, where to take them for a haircut, which vet we use, which pediatrician we use, and/or to buy the hormone free milk.  Now please understand this is in no way a criticism of him.  In fact, if anything, it is a criticism of me.  He doesn’t know these things because I always take care of them. He doesn’t really need to know where to take the kids for a haircut because I always take them.  But, he also didn’t know where the kids’ birth certificates, social security cards, insurance papers, etc. were, and that would be a big deal.  So, last week, we sat down and purged our file cabinet and put all the important papers in one folder and now we both know where that folder is–just in case.  Also, I am making sure he knows where to pick up the kids ‘cuz I don’t think they want to spend the night at school.  🙂

#2  Healthier lifestyles are NOT easy  (and kinda suck)
Now if you are a healthy person who runs every day, does yoga, and eats vegan/organic/paleo please do not tell me how great you feel and how much better your life is because of this.  I KNOW that EVENTUALLY I will feel great but right now, when I am trying to make the transition from donut/bread eating sloth it is kinda like torture.  I am only one week in and I really want a donut.  I mean REALLY want a doughnut.  And as much fun as Zumba is, watching reruns of Law and Order also makes me happy.  If I had a better understanding of chemistry, and a lab, i would begin development of a doughnut gum.  You know like nicotine gum to quit smoking?  I think we sloths need a similar aid.  Somebody work on that OK?  and then you gotta cut me in on the profits since it was my idea. 

#3  When developing a healthy lifestyle you must leave home
See, when you are trying to commit to exercise it is more effective if you leave your home.  If you walk three miles outside and you get tired it really doesn’t matter that you don’t want to walk any more because you HAVE to walk to get back home.  Or if you go to a gym for a class you have all the peer pressure to keep going even if you are tired.  But at home, if you are tired of walking you just turn off the treadmill and flop on the couch.  Or if you are doing a video and feel like you are going to die, you can just sit there and watch Jillian jump around on the screen–or turn her off and flip over to the Real Housewives. 

#4  DO NOT turn on the TV or computer when cleaning house
This is how it goes, you are cleaning the kitchen and think “Oh, I’ll just check my e-mail really quick while the floor dries and then I’ll go do the bathrooms”  and that “really quick” turns into 3 hours on facebook, blogs and pinterest and those bathrooms never get done.  Or, “Whew, I’m just gonna turn on the TV for a minute while I fold this laundry then I’ll go and finish vacuuming” turns into a four hour mini-marathon of Top Chef.  Trust me!  I know of what I speak.  If you have a real desire to get done cleaning and washing clothes don’t listen to these electronic devils!!!

#5  Recommit, do what you want to do, and say no
This one is really kind of long.  Recommit—to something.  Exercise, a hobby, making time for you, church, whatever you feel you have quit doing and really miss.  Do what you want to do the way that you want to–and this applies to everything.  For example; there are tons of things out there right now about doing one task/chore a day and getting stuff cleaned and organized that way.  And that is terrific if that is how you work best.  Personally, I am a “get it all done in one” day kinda girl.  And, all those recommendations to leave the dishes in the sink and bond with your kid are great but sometimes i just have to do the dishes.  And truth be told, i am a more engaged and attentive mommy when my chores are done then when they are waiting for me.  So, do it (whatever “it” might be) however works best for you.  And finally say no.  How many times a week do you agree to something and then think “now why did I say I would do that?”  Ugh I HATE that!!!! And I’ve already done it twice and the new year is only a week old.  There is no shame in saying No.  You don’t have to provide a reason, just say I’m sorry, i can’t.  I really need to work on this one, ’cause these commitments I don’t really want to make anyway cut into my reality TV viewing time.

#6  Think about your audience.
If you are talking to your mom, sister, best friend or even your husband, it is totally appropriate to list all the things you do and how busy and stressed you are, and how amazing you are at all that you do.  However, it is not appropriate to have the same conversation with the cashier, your child’s teacher, the parent of the kid in your kid’s class, or even your casual friends.  They don’t care that you are working, going to school, training for a marathon, have 85 kids, suffer with chronic acne, are the room mother for 12 different teachers AND have to bake 10 dozen cupcakes tonight.  What they are really thinking, as they nod at you and attempt to look interested is “what is she saying?  that she is so much busier then me?  that I don’t have a lot going on?  that she is a better mom? is she implying that I am lazy?  What—she doesn’t think other people are busy too?”  Trust me, you are not making yourself look good to this person.  If anything, they are currently planning ways to avoid any future conversation with you. 

#7 and related to #6  quit using Facebook as your personal pity party
You know what I mean.  Everyone has that one friend on their facebook who never has anything positive or happy to say in their status.  The world is perpetually against, their life sucks and they need you to know it.  And not only do they want you to know it but they want you to pray for them and tell them how great they are.  You know  “I am the worst mother in the world”  is just the facebook way of saying “please comment on my status and tell me how great you think I am”  or “my life just sucks!  why can’t things ever go my way?!!”  is the facebook way of saying “please tell me that you are praying for me, that I am a good person, and that you know I deserve and will get good things”  I get it, crappy things happen every day to every one but when all you ever post is negative people begin to hide your posts, or unfriend you, and no one wants that right?

And those are your 7 insights for today—one for each day of the new year.  I hope that you have found this to be both helpful and entertaining.  🙂

Blessings friends!!


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