I love Cool Whip

You know that commercial where the lady orders a piece of pie and the waitress says “oil or cream?”  and shows her a can of whipped cream and a tub of cool whip.  Well, I just have to say that I like Cool Whip.  I like whipped cream too.  And on some things only whipped cream will do.  But, there are also times that only cool whip will do.  Like on Jello or Jello salad, or on poke cake, or on pumpkin pie.  And there is nothing wrong with that!!! Why do people make classic American food inventions shameful?  Like Jello, Cool Whip, Twinkies—which I actually don’t like and would much rather have a DingDong or raspberry Zinger, but that is not the point.  The point is that Cool Whip is good stuff.  So what if it is not all natural.  What do you think is preserving us from decay and disease?  All the chemicals and preservatives we eat of course!!!   So, I say to you—-unite Cool Whip lovers!!! Unite!!!


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