I’m warning you, this one is random

I’m just telling you right up front that this one is probably going to be totally random and rambling.  I usually have a plann or a topic in mine but I just got nothin’ today.     So let’s see where this goes.

 healthy update:  well, I found a green tea that didn’t make me gag so I started drinking the Dr. Oz weight away tea yesterday.  I don’t know that it is actually going to make me lose any weight but it kinda helps fill the gap left by giving up my sweet tea habit.  I have decided that I have to make myself go to the gym as soon as I leave work.  If I don’t then it is almost a guarantee that the work out won’t happen.  Today I went from work to Zumba and worked out hard.  I am really struggling with managing my appetite though.  Because since I am exercising and moving more, it seems like I want to eat all the time.  If you have any tips or help with that I would appreciate it. 
The kids’ school district is applying for a grant to upgrade their PE equipment.  Part of this application is the kids are wearing pedometers all this week and tracking what they are eating.  This is causing me to step up my game in the food area because I don’t want to be the mom whose kids log zero fruits and veggies every day.  But it is also making them eat more fruits and veggies.  Chris actually consumed green beans and asparagus this week.  And that has never happened. 
And I have discovered that I am much more likely to consume fruit if it is blended up with ice into smoothie form or if it is chopped up, mixed together and in the form of a salad.  But, to just pick up an orange and eat it—nah, not at all appealing to me.  Which is interesting because veggies I LOVE and would eat just veggies for dinner if my family would go for it. 
 I am so very tired of laundry.  I have tried doing it all one day a week but I hate that because then I feel like I do nothing all day but sort, fold, and put away clothes.  I have tried doing a load each day so that it does stack up but I hate that because I feel like I am ALWAYS doing laundry.  So, I think my family should just become nudists, or wear the same clothes for like a week at a time.  I will let them change underwear daily.
My hermit inclination is increasing.  If it weren’t for the fact that I would really like Evan to learn to read and do math, and if Chris weren’t counted absent per class he misses, I would pick them up as soon as I get done with work and then not leave the house the rest of the day.  Once I get home I just want to put on my cozy clothes, eat and watch TV.  And going back out to pick up the kids throws a wrench in that plan. 
And speaking of TV, I am watching this show “Face Off” about make up artists who are trying to win a contest.  I am amazed at some of the stuff they create, other stuff just grosses me out.  these are the re-runs of last season and the new season starts tonight.  Gonna have to check it out and see if I want to add it to my tv watching rotation.  you know, in place of some of the Law and Order reruns.
In addition to laundry, I am really tired of my kids’ having homework.  And the notes from the teachers that say “enjoy this time with your child”  HA!!! obviously they have a different definition of “enjoy” Trust me an hour of doing homework with my kid is a far away from enjoyable as a root canal.  In fact, I don’t know ANY parent who would say that doing homework with their kids is an “enjoyable time.” 
The increased exercise has made me more energetic during the day, which is great.  But right now it is 7:00 and I feel like I could sleep for 12 hours.  Which might also help with the weight loss, since I can’t eat if I’m asleep.  I should say though that I am not really worried so much about weight as size.  I want to be smaller and firmer.
Hae you seen the commerical for this new show Alcatraz that is coming on Fox next week?  It looks kind of interesting—I may have to check it out.  But, it is from the same people who made Lost and I got really irritated with Lost after a while because it was just too complicated and convoluted. 
So, that pretty much sums up what is going on with me—-healthier life, tired, and TV
What’s up with you?


One thought on “I’m warning you, this one is random

  1. Oh man–exercise makes me RAVENOUSLY hungry!!! So, I guess I need to look up the Dr. Oz green tea diet… Because if I could lose weight just by drinking green tea, I'm in! But…would I have to give up ice cream and Cokes??? :-)Laundry…it's a sad, sad subject. Too much laundry just makes me want to get rid of ALL clothes, and let each person just have a total of 3 outfits. Then–even when I do everyone's laundry, there isn't much to fold and put away. We just have TOO MUCH at our house. I want to SIMPLIFY in a big way!!!!!

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