I am trying to come up with something

Well, I just don’t have a good topic here.  I had something earlier but then I forgot what it was—-shocking isn’t it?

Let’s see, I have discovered that long weekends actually encourage me to not accomplish much.  Typically, I get the house cleaned and run to the grocery store on Friday but since I knew that we were off on Monday–I kept thinking, “I can do it tomorrow”  which means that I never actually got the whole house cleaned. 
Mr. G and I took the kids to see “we bought a zoo”  It was really good.  We all liked it alot.  This weekend has several movies coming out–like the one about the whales I mentioned a while back.  And the one with Tom Hanks about 9/11.  and I think there is another one but I can remember now—yup, shocking again.
I currently am playing 10 games of Words with Friends.  If you would like to play let me know and I will add you to my list.  I am a little obsessed with it. 
Did I tell you I have decided to celebrate my birthday in June?  See, my birthday and wedding anniversary are both this month.   And it is right after Christmas.  And every year I really can’t come up with anything I want to do or get.  so, I told Mr. G that we could just do some cake in January and he could buy me presents in June.  I also told him that if he wanted to throw me a big surprise party in June he could.  Several people laughed at me about this, but then they agreed with the wisdom of this plan.  In fact, my nephew, whose birthday is also this month, is going to celebrate in June too. 
I am working toward making going to the gym immediately after work a new habit.  I am currently on week two.  I think it is about 5 or 6 weeks that you have to do something before it becomes habit/routine. 
I’ve got a funny for you , I’d driving the boys home from school and Chris is talking to me about something he saw on TV  “so he is in the heaves”  (me)  “in the heaves?”  (c) “no, in the heaps!”  (me)  “in the heaps? what does that mean?  what are the heaps?”  (c) “you know, the heaps, when you feel blue or feel sad”  (me) “ooooohhhhhh, the heaps!  you mean the dumps!  He was down in the dumps”  (c)  “(sigh)  yeah, whatever, he was sad!”    Apparently, telling me a story is very stressful for my child.  🙂

Blessings friends!


2 thoughts on “I am trying to come up with something

  1. Look at you with the new blog look!!! I LOVE it! Also–celebrating in June sounds like a fabulous idea!! So fun. We still haven't seen We Bought a Zoo. This weekend's movies sound so good!! Ugh, but we're having a garage sale this weekend (indoor one in town)…so I am not sure a movie is in the schedule. Wonder if my husband will miss me for a couple of hours??? 🙂

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