The great state of denial

I admit it, I am a lifelong resident of the state of denial when it comes to things that scare me or make me nervous.  If I don’t see it, hear it, talk about it, etc then it doesn’t exsist.  I function well with this philosophy.  Let me give you a couple of examples:
we live outside the city limits.  Not like on a ranch or a farm, we do live in a neighborhood, but the lots in this area are all 1 or 2 acres.   Which means we have vermin, i.e. mice, bugs, and so on.  But I can convince myself that they aren’t REALLY here on my property as long as I don’t SEE them.  As long as I don’t see them I can believe that our outdoor cats are effectively keeping all the vermin off our two acres and driving them onto our neighbors’ land.  My ability is impaired however, when I see one of our cats chasing a rodent across the yard or when they bring one of the carcasses up to the porch.  Apparently, the cats are not familiar with the state of denial.
Snakes are another critter I can ignore and pretend that they don’t exist as long as I don’t see them.  However, when I am mowing and see something slither by, my toes curl and I get back to the garage as fast as my John Deere will go.  And telling me something like “Oh, that’s a bull snake.  Those are good snakes to have because they eat the mice and rattle snakes”  does absolutely NOTHING to make me feel better or to return me to my comfy state. 
So, imagine the jolt I received a few days ago when I saw a BOBCAT in the field behind our neighborhood.  Now, I will say that we have had a skunk on our back porch, our neighbors frequently have armadillos digging up their yard looking for bugs, somewhere in our far back area there is a rabbit warren because we frequently see bunnies in the yard.  The boys and I have even seen deer every once in while.  But these are all generally tame animals that tend to stay away from humans anyway.  And, in the great state of denial, it never entered my mind that there might BOBCATS just a mile or so from my house.  Of course, this sighting automatically led me straight to the great state of WORRY.  What if the boys are outside playing and the bobcat gets in the yard?  Or what if it starts wandering the neighborhood?  Then, because this is how these things work, as I turned the corner guess what I saw—a dead coyote!!! Great googly moogly!!!!! Way to relocate me out of my home state mother nature!!!! A bobcat and a coyote all in one day?!?!  Did I mention how much I enjoy my residence in the state of denial? 
And now, just to keep things interesting, the kids are on “bobcat watch” every day on the way home.  They enjoy wildlife sightings, I do too, as long as it is one of those cute little rabbits or a prarie dog that I am sighting.  Anything scary can just stay hidden—-and I will pretend that it doesn’t exist. 

Blessings friends!


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