What’s goin’ on?!?

Oh, not too much here—what’s up with you?
I’ve got some pics to share with you….

Yesterday was the 100th day of school.  Which is a BIG deal!!! E had to bring a collection of 100 things to show the class.  He brought 100 Lego mini-figures.  The report that I got was that his collection was the coolest because everyone else just used the examples that were given in the instructions so they all brought pennies, m & m’s, or starburst.  Even the ladies in the office and the music teacher came to see his collection so he was pretty proud. 

He also started basketball this month.  He has been having such a good time.  They are really learning the rules now, how to steal, how to pass, how to assist, and they have refs at the games now.  I told him and C today (after the game) that this week we are goign to start having basketball drills in the driveway this week.  And, I am NOT mom, I am coach, so they have to listen and do what I say without complaints that they are tired.  🙂

Tonight I made some binky clips for my friend, Kendra.  She saw some on pinterest made out of mattress clips and asked if I could make something similar.  I used elastic, ribbon, mitten clips, and remnants.  I made her 4 clips for $12.  We thought that was pretty good since the cheapest she found online were selling for $10 each.    And for those who don’t have babies or haven’t had babies in a long time:  you loop the ribbon end through the pacifier and then the clip attaches to the baby’s shirt so that if they drop the pacifier it doesn’t fall on the floor or get lost.  It will still be clipped to the baby’s shirt. 

As with just about any project, you learn as you go.  If I make them again I will cut the fabric just a bit wider and I don’t know if I would use elastic again.  The mitten clips worked out perfect though.  I’ll let you know if lil’ Masen likes his new binky clips. 

And that’s all I’ve got for today friends. 




One thought on “What’s goin’ on?!?

  1. now that is what I call a dang good collection for the 100 day celebration. I won't share what I sent with my kids for their 100 days. The teachers probably laughed at me secretly.

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