Gosh it feels like forever

It feels like it has been forever since I wrote, but it really hasn’t been that long at all.  Time is funny.  And how is it that we have a “feeling” for days.  You know how we say  “gosh it feels like Monday or Thursday or Sunday” Weird.  Anyway, not the point…
I’m on week 5 of working out.  It’s going pretty good.  I have found that I HAVE to as soon as I get off work.  If I don’t go work out before heading home, then I won’t work out.  I have also found that now that I am working out regularly that I don’t seem to be as hungry all the time.  If I make sure to have something high in protein for breakfast then I am usually good until 11:00.  Then I either have some almonds or a fiber bar and a bottle of water before my exercise class.  It has been in the last week or so that I have noticed that after exercising I am not starving like I was a few weeks ago.  When I get home I can usually get by with either a small meal or a “heavy” snack.  Which I am hoping that this new development in my appetite is going to translate to visible weightloss soon.  And finally, I have observed that I sleep MUCH better at night on the days that I exercise.  The days that I don’t exercise, I don’t sleep soundly at all. 
So, those are all good things.  Now, I can’t tell you how many pounds or inches I have lost because I haven’t weighed or measured myself since I started this a month ago.  Today, I did measure myself so maybe in a few weeks I will have some comparison.  I don’t like to weigh myself because I get very upset when my weight goes up and down each day.  And while I know that it normal it still bothers me and actually seems to make me not want to keep trying to exercise and eat well. 

OK, so that is my health update. 
Meanwhile, since I last talked to you, I turned forty two years old and celebrated my 18th wedding anniversary.  Big stuff right?  I would like to tell you about the amazing, exciting celebrations that we had for these events, buuuut there were none.  Both events fall so close to Christmas that (a) I told the guys that we would celebrate my birthday in June instead of January, i.e they could wait until then to buy me gifts and (b) we have never really done anything major for our anniversary.  Well, except for our 10th we took a cruise.  Maybe we will do something big in two years—check back with me then. 

And  now, I will leave you with this….

Image Detail

just cuz it makes me laugh.  🙂

Blessings friends!


2 thoughts on “Gosh it feels like forever

  1. Good for you on the fitness routine. Whenever I dieted(in the past) I never weighed myself until I knew I had lost a lot of weight. I viewed my success in the fit of my clothes. Because yes, the scales go up and down depending on water weight gain, the weight of new muscles being built up, etc.

  2. Wow–5 weeks is amazing!!! Way to go!! I like almonds for a snack, too. But, even more than almonds…I REALLY like ice cream…but, I think maybe almonds are better for me. Maybe…Also–I didn't realize we are the exact same age. I will turn 42 in a couple of days. Which, technically, makes you older. 🙂 You old woman, you!!

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