It is a BIG weekend

In case you are new here, or have forgotten, I live with three guys.  Life in a houseful of males is different.  They just don’t think or do things the way females do.  And one of the things that they do is get really, really excited about stuff that a woman might not find to be quite as big of a deal.  This weekend two of those super exciting events are occurring.  The waiting is almost more then the boys here can bear. 

Tomorrow, Saturday evening, at 8:00 p.m. central time (yes, I am aware of the exact time) Billy the Exterminator returns to tv.  I am sure popcorn will be involved in the viewing. 

Then on Sunday (it actually starts today but they are waiting until Sunday afternoon) Star Wars in 3D on the big screen will be happening.  I have been told that 3 buckets of popcorn and candy will be consumed during this event.

It is big folks, B-I-G. 

So what will I be doing during these major events?  Lemme show you……




Blessings friends,


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