It’s Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to all.  I hope that you had a happy day and got to spend some of it with someone that you love. 
I had lunch with a super cute guy and then went to a party with him. 
OK, so lunch was a happy meal (he kept my toy and his) and he got all the Valentines and candy at the party (but I REALLY don’t need to eat a bunch of candy anyway)  but I got to spend some extra time with him.  Then we came home and he went through his valentines while I gifted myself with a clean house.  Nothing like spending the afternoon scrubbing toilets and mopping floors.  Actually, it was good because I do really, really enjoy the final product of an afternoon spent cleaning. 
Then, because we don’t like crowds and because it is a school night, the mister brought us all dinner.  We had a chinese food buffet.  Very yum! 
And I don’t mean to be all romantic on you but the mister looooved his valentine gift….

Yeah, that’s right, I bought him a chainsaw.  I mean really, does anything scream “love” louder than a gas powered tool you can use to cut down trees?

And not to be all Braggy McBraggerton but check out what the boys got me….

The guys got me this art glass charm and a green one for either a necklace or my charm bracelet.  Annnd, they even got me some flowers.  Aren’t they sweet?  Of course, according to lil’ E it was all his idea but Mr. G  has another version of what happened.  🙂 

I hope all of you had a wonderful day.  Even if you don’t like Valentine’s Day, I hope that you had some today with someone that you love. 



4 thoughts on “It’s Valentine’s Day

  1. I scrubbed toilets today, too!! I thought to myself, "Huh. I'm scrubbing toilets on VALENTINES DAY." But, I sure do like the end result!I LOVE your glass art beads–so pretty!!! 🙂

  2. Dear Ms. Braggy McBraggerton,The ways to a mans heart is 1) food, 2) power tools, and 3) a little hanky panky.I'm sure he loved that chain saw. Mine totally would have.Sounds like you guys had a fun day.

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