Meal Planning

Do you plan meals in advance?  I know that there are whole blogs and websites devoted to this.  I have only just started regularly planning our meals in the last few months.  I’ve dabbled at it before but always given up after a week or two.  But since I started working on eating more healthy, and therefore my family is eating more healthy, I have found that meal planning helps me a LOT for a couple of reasons.  First, I am kinda of lazy when it comes to food.  For breakfast and lunch, if it is not easy for me to grab and go then I am not going to eat it.  I am not going to take the time chop, mix, and cook something.  Instead I am going to slap a slice of ham between a couple pieces of bread and call it a sandwich.  Second, my day is a whole lot less stressful if I know in advance what I am making for dinner.  If I wait until the morning, or afternoon!, to figure out what I am making for supper then it gets crazy.  And, I think I end up spending more money on groceries because I have to run to the store to pick up meat because I didn’t thaw anything or have to go and get something that I need but ran out of, etc. 

Does meal planning take time and effort?  Yes.  It probably takes me about an hour to go through my recipes, figure out what I wannt ot cook that week, and make my grocery list.  But, let’s be honest, I’m sitting on the sofa with my laptop, it’s not like I am breaking a sweat here.  And, that is time that is made up in the time that I save at the grocery store and the time that I save each evening when I cook supper and know exactly what I need to have out and do. 

Tools that help me plan my meals are pretty basic:  my coupons, the grocery ads for the week, and Pinterest.  As I find something that I want to cook, or have cooked before and know we’ve liked, I pin it to my boards.  Then as I am planning meals for the week, I look through my boards and decide what I am making that week.  Then I go through each recipe and write out my grocery list.  And I write down everything that I will need—yes, my list is looong.  But I write down everything so that I don’t try to remember anything and so that when I get to the store I don’t pick up a container of sour cream and then get home and find that I already had 2 containers.  (which has happened in the past)  I also have found that when I make a detailed list I actually get thru the grocery store more quickly because there is no going back across the store for something I forgot.  One more thing that I do, is I have a little menu board on my counter on which I list the meals for each day.  This is helpful for me because it reminds me of what I am doing each day and the kids can look at it and know what we are eating that day. 

So, this is what I am cooking this week….

Italian veggie soup and ham/cheese crescents

Grilled chicken tenders

 Baked ziti

Crispy cheddar chicken

Crockpot BBQ chicken

Lasagna soup


We are supposed to have some cold days, so we are having soup twice and chili.  With these I will add a sandwich, bread, or cornbread to round out the meal.  With the other entrees, I always have frozen veggies on hand to make.  I also have potatoes, rice, and polenta in the pantry.  I know that I will be making the roasted broccoli this week and the parmesan green  beans.  I also try to keep salad makings in the fridge too that I can toss together to add to a meal.  And that’s it.  If you find this info useful, let me know.  If ya’ll like it and use the recipes then I will post meals each week.  But I gotta have feedback. 

Blessings friends!!!


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