Stuff we have been making around here

We’ve been making a few things around here, and I took some pictures to update you. 

Valentine snack mix:  4 bags of microwave popcorn, 1 bag of pretzel sticks, 1 bag of plain m & m’s

Then I combined all of it into a former cheese puff bucket and gave a few good shakes. I added a tag to the front that I made out of scrapbook paper.  This is what we took to E’s classroom.  He wanted to take something for the party but I knew that it would be a cupcake/cookie explosion so I wanted to make something a little healthier and with a lot less sugar.  Plus, I told E’s teacher to keep it in the classroom and use as daily snack for the kids.  I also told her that when it was empty to send it back to me and I would refill it.  I figure the $4 it takes me to get stuff to fill the bucket up is the same or less of what it costs me to by snacks for E to take to school each day.  Plus, I don’t have to remember to send him a snack every day–which is a BIG bonus in my book!
Then on the pre-teen front, C had a science project this week.  He was supposed to invent his own planet, write a one page description of the planet, and then create a 3-D model of the planet.  The model could be made of anything the kid wanted.  What did my kid pick?  Cake.  Yes, cake.  So on Sunday we baked the cake.

He decided to do three colors of batter so that he could create an inner core, outer core, and mantel.  Then we baked them in the Wilton 3D sports ball pan.  Which, by the way, I did not have the base for so I improvised and used a muffin tin to set the two halves into.  Then once it cooled.  I wrapped each half up and stuck it in the fridge. 

Today, I sliced a bit off the bottom so that it would sit flat on a board.  A little frosting between the halves stuck the two sides together.  Then an outer layer of frosting so that the fondant “crust” would stick.

Here you can see the planet with the white fondant crust applied.  The dowel in the middle is serving a dual purpose (1) it is holding the planet together and (2) it is going to hold/attach the planet’s moon.  Here you can see the planet’s creator adding details to the surface of the planet. 
And here is the final product……
The moon is a York Peppermint Patty

The planet is called “Sugar Rush”.  The planet is composed of sugar and that is all the inhabitants eat.  I have to deliver to school for him at 1:00 when his science class starts.  He is sooooo proud.  Not to mention excited about being able to eat his project with his buddies after the presentation.  I have to take paper plates and plastic forks up to school for him too.  🙂

 Blessings friends!


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