My "never want to" bucket list

My bloggie buddy, MarytheKay, posted a blog last week.  It was her bucket list of things that she absolutely DID NOT want to do before she died.  Then she asked all her readers to share their lists.  I thought this was a great idea so I decided to tag along on her idea. 

1.  I do not want to stand on the glass see-thru observation deck over the Grand Canyon.  We are thinking about a trip to the GC and the boys and the daddy are all excited about standing on this see thru deck thing.  Yeah, I am not.  They can have it.  I will stand on the regular old, can’t see thru it deck thanks.  I want no part of seeing all that space between my feet and solid ground.
2.  I do not want to ever go hillybilly hand fishing.  I don’t get in water that I can’t see thru thank you very much.
3.  I do not ever want to go bungee jumping, sky diving, parachuting or cliff diving.  Have you picked up on the fact that I don’t really like heights?
4.  I do not ever want to swim with sharks or wrestle alligators or wrangle snakes. Those critters seem just fine without any interaction with me.
5.  I do not ever want to run a marathon.  I am not, and have never been a runner.  Not my thing.  I am impressed by all those who can do it, but I will gladly cheer for you from the sidelines..
6.  I do not want to climb Mt. Everest–or Mt anything else for that matter.  What is the point?  All that work to get to the top for what?  To just turn around and go back down.  ummm, seems like a lot of effort for little return
7.  I do not ever want to go into space.  or in a submarine.  I don’t like small spaces that I can’t get out of either.  Which is really lousy because I would LOVE to able to scuba dive or go on one of those little subs to explore a ship wreck but just thinking about it makes me hyperventilate.
8.  To go camping or backpacking across anywhere.  Look, I’m 42.  If I am going to travel I want clean sheets and indoor plumbing.  I have absolutely no interest in sleeping on the ground or in a hostel.  And if I can’t bathe every day then there is NO WAY I’m going. I don’t want to go anywhere or do anything that might be defined as “roughing it”
9.  I do not want to participate in anything that involves me eating bugs, blood, guts, or anything stinky.  Have you ever seen that show with Andrew Zimmer where he goes around the world and eats alls this stuff that is common in other countries but would likely be considered absolutely gross here?  Yeah, I have to say no.
10. And, I’m going to make this my last one even though I could probably genereate another 10 or more, I have no desire to ever go on another boat.  Every single time I have gotten sea sick.  We took a cruise for our 10th anniversary and I was sick the entire time.  Unfortunate, because I would love to take the kids on a Disney cruise. 

What do you NEVER want to do?

Blessings friends!


9 thoughts on “My "never want to" bucket list

  1. We are a lot alike!! πŸ™‚ Fun list! I hate heights, but I DO want to stand on the see-through bridge at the Grand Canyon…as long as it's nice and solid….and as long as I can hold onto some railings!

  2. If you could ever see the expression on my face while just cleaning the excess crud off already de-boned/skinned chicken breasts, you would know that any kind of butchery would be somewhere at the top of my list. As much as I love watching all the cooking shows, whenever they have to do that, all I'm thinking is "I could never…" Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! πŸ˜‰

  3. I am right with yo for just about every one of these. Maybe I would like to run a marathon if I was in perfect shape and a whole lot younger, but that's about the only thing on your list I would ever attempt. Allow me to add I will never do a reality TV show!

  4. Did you have a twin your mom gave away at birth? Because it might be me – I agree with all ten wholeheartedly!Thanks for giving me the best laugh of my day!

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