This week’s menu

What’s up?!?!  Everybody doin’ good this week?  I hope you are.  We’ve had a bout of the strep devil around here and I don’t think we are quite through yet.  That hasn’t stopped me from planning my menu for the week though. 
Here we go…….

Saturday:  Chicken paninis  (nothing fancy–shredded rotisserie chicken with roasted bell peppers, avocado, etc. thrown on the panini press)
Sunday:  Beef tips and rice
Monday:  Egg noodles with cottage cheese and bacon  (yes, this sounds weird but it is a Hungarian thing that my granny used to make for me and my kids LOVE.  Boil some egg noodles in salted water. When they are cooked mix with a large container of cottage cheese and crumbled bacon)
Tuesday:  Simple pasta
Wednesday:  Asian Beef Soup
Thursday:  Pizza (I buy the pre-made crust and let the kids top their own)
Friday:  Outback Chicken

Blessings friends!!1


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