The Boxasaurus

Meet Chris-a-saurus the Box-a-saurus—you can see his name there across the front of his Capri Sun box torso

Now, let me explain the creation of the Box-a-saurus to you.  The assignment for this creation came home before Valentine’s Day, and was promptly forgotten.  The memory of this assignment got lost amongst having to help the child decorate a kleenex box for his Valentines, getting him to sign his name to 21 Valentine’s (yeah–THAT’s alot of fun with a 6 year old boy!!), the older boy getting THE STREP (and yes, I did captilize that because it should be ranked right up there with THE PLAGUE), plus basketball games and academic competitions.  So, Box-a-saurus was forgotten.  Until yesterday after school when Evan told me in no uncertain terms that he was falling behind because other kids were already bringing their Boxasauruses in to school.  Well, flimmity flam!!! I forgot about the stupid box dinosaur.  So we get home and dig out the instructions. 
But first I have to say something.  I have been a teacher for about 17 years. I have been a parent for almost 13.  And let me tell you definitively, as a person of both groups, the words “This will be a fun activity for you and your child to work on together.  Enjoy this time togther!” are a great big, enormous ball of horse puckey!!! I can say with 100% certainty that at some point, in every project there is nothing but acrimony, unhappiness, and unrest.  And the stupid, stinkin’ dinosaur made of boxes was no different. 
OK, back to our story, I dig out the instructions and they say that the dinosaur is to be made of recyclable materials–boxes, cups, etc.  Let me tell you I was never so happy to find empty boxes in pantry as I was then.  So, I plug in the glue gun, gather our recyclable materials, and glue Boxasaurus togther.  Then I got Evan set up with paper, beads, glue,and scissors so that he can add all the necessary details.  It is at this point that I made the fatal error—I thought the forbidden thought—“Wow! This project is really going well!  No problems at all!”  What kind of idiot am I?!  EVERY mom knows that as soon as you say something good about your kid it is all gonna go to hell in a hand basket.  And it did….but it took me a minute to realize it.  Evan’s working along, putting beads on the creation and says “I’m gonna take a break”  OK, no big deal, my son is well known for his breaks in the middle of projects.  Then I hear him in the fridge and ask what he’s doing.  “Getting some ice”  Again, no big deal, the kid’s allowed to get some ice for a drink.  Then a few minutes later I hear him in the ice again.  Still not concerned—my kid would sleep in the pantry/fridge.  But then…I notice he is HOLDING the ice.  Hmmmm…”Why are you holding that ice?”  This illicits a look of — think fast before she figures it out!!! 
So then I ask—did you touch the glue gun and burn your finger? 
Yes, I was trying to use it to put more glue on the legs.  And the glue started falling off and I tried to grab it.
OK, well, keep the ice on it.  And don’t touch the glue gun again OK?  It is only for mommy and daddy to use.
OK—(now through all this he has been hanging tough, until now) but mom it really, really hurts!!!
And this is where he starts crying….
So, I get an ice pack for him to hold and then we head out to pick up brother.  Well, the biscuits hit the fan in the car.  He is HOWLING! Telling me how much it hurts and it’s stinging inside, etc.  We get to the school and I look at it again and now it has blistered.  Two blisters, one on the tip of his index finger and one on the tip of his thumb.  All right, time for plan B.  We immediately head to Walgreens and I get burn ointment, with Lidocaine, and put it on the boy’s fingers before we even leave the parking lot.  We start for home and he starts screaming about how it feels like needles.  Good gravy!!! Now what am I going to do?  you won’t believe where rescue came from—Pinterest!!!
Yes, as I drove home with my child howling in the back seat, I was actually able to remember reading some home remedies for burns on Pinterest.  I get the kid home and fill a small bowl with ice and milk, put it on the counter in front of the kid and tell him to stick his fingers in it.  And while he is sitting there I brew a cup of tea and then stick the tea bag in the freezer.  As soon as it cools, I have him switch out the tea bag for the milk, and when that gets warm we go back to the milk. 
He just ran thru here and said that his fingers feel much better now.  Thank you Pinterest!!!!
Now to recap what we have learned from this little tale:
1) school projects are instruments of the devil
2)  no matter how many times you tell your child not to touch the glue gun, know that they WILL touch the glue gun given the opportunity
3)  I now own a $9 bottle of burn ointment
4) After spending $9, I “cured” the burn with milk and tea. 
5) All the time you think you’re wasting on Pinterest, might actually be valuable one day. 
If only I would have had Pinterest back when Chris burned his arm on the humidifier when he was 4.  But that is a story for another day…..
Blessings friends,

4 thoughts on “The Boxasaurus

  1. Hi Tracey, I'm Anne from Life on the Funny Farm ( visiting from the TALU. Oh my, this was sooo funny. And I LOVED hearing a teacher's opinions about these kinds of projects for little kids. In my mind, only projects that can be completed independently should be assigned, or assigned to be completed in the classroom. It takes wayyy too much restraint to not "overdo" your part in the project, and then what's the point?Love for you to pop over and say hi sometime if you get the chance. Nice to "meet" you!

  2. Hmmm, I apparently have a new excuse to waste (I mean spend) time on Pinterest! I knew about the milk, but now you've got me curious about the tea. Glad it worked out. OUCH!! 😦

  3. I think this guy is great – no matter the traumas involved in his creation. After all, what are kids and moms for – but to have differences of opinion on certain projects! Just dropped by from the TALU link up and would love to invite you all to visit me at my blog sometime – SOON, I hope! You'd be most welcome!

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