Get out of jail free and Nekkid boy

Which story do you want to hear first?

We have been having some struggles with honesty in our household.  Both boys seem to be having issues with the age old battle between telling the truth and saving your hide.  We have been working/talking/lecturing them about how even when they have done something wrong it is necessary for them to tell the truth.  Yes, they may get in trouble for what they did or didn’t do but they are going to get in much more trouble if they lie.  Chris has a BIG incident a couple of weeks ago, I won’t go into specifics because he is very embarassed by it, but he went to his daddy immediately and confessed.  And I have to say that we were both really proud of him for how he handled the issue and that he admitted what he did.  Evan is making progress too.  However, he seems to be under the impression that telling him the truth will get him out of trouble.  Sunday we were cleaning his room and I found some money and asked him why it was out of his bank.  Then I asked him if it was my money that had been I on my dresser.  “Yes” he said “I’ll put it back, but aren’t you proud of me for telling the truth?”  It is hard to be angry at him when he says that.  Then, last night, I go in the kitchen and he has crumbs and half eaten cookies all over the counter.  I called him in there and immediately he says “I know, I made need to take responsibility for my mess.  But I told the truth!”  We may need to work with him a little bit more. 

Nekkid boy:
A couple of nights ago, Mr. G was out of town so the E guy was sleeping in my bed.  About midnight the kid sits straight up in bed, strips off all his clothes, lays back down and is immediately asleep.  oooooo-kaaaay.  Then he wakes up the next morning and says “Where’s my pajamas?!”  Crazy face!!! And then he didn’t believe me when I told him that he took them off in the night.  Yeah, because I typically strip him naked in the middle of the night and put him back to bed. 

And I think that I will be giving this a shot this month. 

Blessings friends!


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