optical illusions

When you read that title I think you should say it like this “OppT–tee-cull E-luuu-shuns” You know, to make it sound more magical.  Yeah, it’s 3 in the morning here, I get weird in the middle of the night. 

Image Detail

I want one of these dresses—-badly.  Why? you ask—do you have some fabulous event to attend?  No, I answer.  I just think if I have this dress I will look like Kate Winslet.  which would be TWO oppTcull EEEluuushuns at once!

I’m wondering what form of Spanx she has on under there.  Because while the dress is fabulous and she looks amazing there ain’t no way she is THAT smooth without a little lycra assistance.  I love that Spanx can help you to look like that.  I just hate that they make you feel like this….

Which means that you only, or I at least, only wear them sometimes. When I could use a little lycra ALL the time.  But what is the point of wearing yoga pants if you feel like the poor lil’ mouse in that picture up there? 

I’m supposed to go work at the book fair again today.  I’m thinking of skipping.  Does that sound awful?  Probably.  I could give you a bunch of excuses for why I want to skip.  Like….I’ve had a  $#@# migraine since Tuesday.  Or I went to bed at 10:30 only to wake up at 1:45 and have been awake since.  Or that I really, really  need to clean my house and grocery shop TODAY because this weekend is full to overflowing.  But the plain and simple fact is—-while all that is true—I just don’t wanna go.  I went last Friday to help set up.  To be honest, I don’t mind helping at all, but I found the librarian to be a little off putting,  I didn’t enjoy my time with her, at all.  Hmmm…I need to consider this moral dilemma a little further.  I have approximately 4.5 hours to do so….I’m supposed to be there at 8. 

Oh, I’ve got the next week’s menu planned. 

Saturday  Pot roast

Sunday Crock pot pork chops

Monday Garlic chicken

Tuesday Baked spaghetti

Wednesday  Pizza roll ups

Thursday  Chicken pockets

I’ve got 3 or 4 recipes on here from the Plain Chicken blog—she’s got some good stuff on there if you have a mind to check it out. 

You see this little guy?  (I’m hoping his momma doesn’t mind that I hijacked his pic and posted it here)  I’m thinking that I’m kinda in love with him and may have to become like his fairy godmother/aunt by proxy.  The super cool thing about this little dude, I get to snuggle on him and rock him, and sniff his head but I still get a full night’s sleep!  Fairy godmother/aunt by proxy-hood ROCKS!

And I am sooo excited to tell you about what I have been shopping for…but you, and I, have to wait another week.  Because I don’t have it yet and there seems no reason to tell you til I do.

Well, it is now almost 4 a.m.  I’m off to try and get another hour or two sleep. 

Blessings friends!


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