Pinterest and pork chops

Have you read or heard anything about the current Pinterst controversy?  I gues I hadn’t really been paying attnetion but apparently it is a huge deal right now that some people are feeling likeit is plagerism to pin things on Pinterest if you are repinning from a source other than the original creator.  I see the point, people want credit for their ideas.  I get that.  But some people are getting a little bit wound up about it—like boycotting Pinterest and deleting their boards, etc.  I am not willing to do that.  Sorry, I love my Pinterest boards too much for that.  Besides, why do you need delete your boards? Just edit the source so that you link back to the original. And to be honest, I have found that most of mine are linked to the original, and not because (before today) I was worried about the controversy, but because I had been burned by dead links through repins before. I had pinned a couple of things and then went back later to make them and found that they were just pics and not linked to any instructions.  So, for a while now I have made it a habit to follow the pic back to the original site before pinning.  All that to say, that you might want to consider some of that before you repin something. 

Now, on a similar but different topic, I thought you might want to know how the Pinterest recipes have been received around here.  I am using a 3 star rating system:  3 stars is a HIT–make it a regular in the dinner meal planning, 2 stars is OK–we liked it but didn’t love it,  1 star is YUCK—we did not like this one at all

Italian veggie soup (from a couple of weeks ago) was rated 2 out of 3
Ham and cheese crescents 2 stars
Grilled chicken tenders  3 stars
Baked ziti  2 stars
Crockpot BBQ chicken 2 stars
Lasagna soup 3 stars
Beef tips and rice 3 stars
Simple pasta 1 star
Asian beef soup 2 stars
Outback chickent 3 stars
3 envelope pot roast 3 stars
Crock pot pork chops 2 stars

I have to say, by and large, we have liked everything that I have made from Pinterest.  There hae been very few things that I’ve made that have been absolute failures in this house.   I’ve made more the what is listed up there–but those are the recipes that I have listed on the blog so far. 

If you’ve made anything that has been great and well received by your family, please share it with me. My family is loving the new menus, and I am enjoying the variety too. I get so tired of making the same stuff over and over and racking my brain for an idea each night.  Pinterest is GREAT!!!!

6 more days ’til I can show you what I’m shopping for….

Blessings friends!


One thought on “Pinterest and pork chops

  1. Okay, I am IMPRESSED at all the cooking you've been doing! That's a whole lot of new recipes! I've really been wanting to make the lasagna soup–your 3 stars motivates me even more now…

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