Cleaning for better mental health

Maybe you don’t do this, obviously not everyone does or Hoarders wouldn’t be on tv, but when I am in a nasty mood, cleaning helps me shake it off.  And today I had a really bad attitude.  Things just did not get off to a good start this morning.  And it was one of those kinds of mornings that you couldn’t shake off.   So, instead of going to work out, I came home and got a jump on my spring cleaning. I cleaned baseboards, moved furniture, rearranged furniture, swept/mopped all the floors, washed the slipcovers, and dusted EVERYTHING.  I got the family room, living room, entry way and hallway from the garage done.  It was a good start.  Something about cleaning makes my mind feel more orderly too.  And there is just something about moving stuff around that gives me a whole new outlook.  Now, I’ve just got to get through ONE MORE DAY at work and then I am off for spring break.  One Day—I can do that—-of course I may be rearranging bedrooms tomorrow!  LOL

Here’s next week’s menu….

Pan roasted chicken

Taco minis

Baked fried chicken

Pizza casserole

French toast grilled cheese

Salsa chicken


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