The BIG news!!!

I said I was too young, too cool….I said I’d go with other options and never make this choice. But then I had two boys. Two TALL boys, who haul a lot of crap stuff around with them. And I haul them, and their stuff….and I needed more space…so, now, I’m a mini van mom…
And even though I was against it all these years, now that I have made the switch from an SUV, I gotta say, I’m a convert.  It doesn’t hurt that I was able to get one with all the bells and whistles too..
We are all pretty happy with our new swagger wagon. The little boy is in love with the in car DVD, the big boy is in love with the free satellite radio and the touch screen controls.  The mister and I are happy with what we got for our trade in and that we were able to do this in a Dave Ramsey approved way.
I gotta say, it is a pretty awesome ride!!!!
Blessings friends!!

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