What spring break is looking like around here

Hey guys!  We are on spring break this week.  I love spring break.  I love spring.  Love it, love it, love it.  My niece and nephew are here for the week.  Yesterday the kids spent the day playing wii and doing lego creations.  I told them today was going to be an outside day.  Each of them were supposed to come up with an event for the “cousin Olympics”  So this morning, while I mowed and pulled weeds, the kids played basketball, rode the scooter up and down the drive way, played hot potato, bounced tennis balls off the house, dueled in the driveway with pool noodles, played tag, hide and seek, and horseshoes. They had a full and active morning. 

While they were doing that, I mowed the front yard.  And I filled up two of these….

Yes, that is filled with weeds and grass out of my front yard flower beds.  My niece was an awesome help!!! The far side of the house was crazy full of grass and dandelions and she helped me pick up almost all of them and get them in the wheelbarrow.  Those boys, not really as helpful.  Hmm, imagine that….
After we were done, I took them up to Redbox and they checked out TinTin and Hugo.  And now they are doing this…
I think the cousin Olympics wore them out.  Tomorrow they want to go and see The Lorax.  I’ll let you know.  
Blessing friends,


3 thoughts on “What spring break is looking like around here

  1. It's been pretty laid back around here too. I've enjoyed the last two days of getting up when we feel like it, wandering over to the park and getting some frozen yogurt after. Probably should work on my yard though…

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