Weary Wednesday

So folks, I’m tired.  How are you? I have been getting up and going to the gym first thing in the morning during spring break. And my niece and nephew are here, so they have been hanging out with me and the kids. 

Yesterday, after the gym, I mowed and then spent about 2 hours pulling weeds and grass out of my front and side flower beds.  The kids were great while I worked. 

But today….well, let’s just say that despite my regular workouts over the last few months—yard work is a whole other ball game.  My arms feel like noodles, the backs of my legs are KILLING me!! and my back hurts. 

So, despite menu planning, I decided not to cook supper.  The guys were left to fend for themselves.  The boys had leftovers from last night, the mr had a sandwich.  I decided to have a box of Golden Grahams.  OK, not a whole box, maybe half.  And, to eat said cereal while watching last night’s episode of the real housewives.  And I put it in a big plastic cup–cuz it is easier to eat cereal, watch TV, and type on the computer while holding a cup rather than a cereal bowl. 

Daylight savings time is not kind. Lil’ E and I are all messed up.  You wouldn’t think one little hour of change would make that big of a difference but boy is it a pain.  We are still waking up at our “regular time” of 6 which is now 7—that will be a problem next week.  And E is having a hard time falling asleep, which makes for a looooong evening. 

I have intended to get some deep cleaning done this week but haven’t gotten to it yet.  Maybe tomorrow.  Whatever, if you come visit me try to ignore the dusty surfaces and baseboards OK?

Blessings friends,


One thought on “Weary Wednesday

  1. Look at you going to the gym…on Spring Break! You rock!!! A cup of cereal in front of the t.v. sounds just perfect! 🙂 Good for you for taking the night off!

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