Google, hoarding, and the gunk under my refrigerator

Weird combination isn’t it? Are you wondering how they are related?  Loosely….let me explain.

My friend, Mary the Kay, and no we have never met in “real life” but we have bloggy met and we are practically twins seperated at birth. Anyway, my friend MK, wrote yesterday about what she has been googling and wanted to know what her readers were googling this week,so I thought I would share with you.  “What?! Are you trying to say I’m not a good eugooglizer?”  Name that film!
Oh, sorry, I got distracted, what I have been googling….

how to make iced tea that doesn’t get cloudy?
the best drugstore mascara?
Sandy Lake Amusement Center
how old is Aretha Franklin?
Is the girl on Switched at Birth reallly deaf?
hotels in San Antonio near UTSA
companion gardening
how many calories in a bowl at Genghis Grill?
how many calories in a dessert at Genghis Grill?
how many calories burned during an hour of Zumba?
how many calories burned vacumming a pool? 
(are you noticing a trend here?)

What are you googling lately? 

One of the things I looked up lately was how often to clean the vents on the fridge (which I did tonight) I don’t do this very often, maybe once a year.  And I pulled it out and cleaned the floor under and behind it and wiped down the sides.  How often do you do this?  I only take the contents apart and out once (maybe twice) a year too.  You know, where you empty out the contents, remove the shelves and drawers, wash it all and put it all back.  Usually at the end of May, when I get out of school, that’s when I wash windows too.  Now before you think I am totally gross, I do go through the contents and throw stuff away, and wipe down the shelves once a week.  Every week when I go to the grocery store, I wipe it all out before I put the groceries away.  And every week it is sticky and icky—which led my thoughts to horders. 

I’m just thinking, that if my fridge needs to wiped out weekly, how quickly it would get full out NASTY, if I weren’t keeping up with it.  But, that doesn’t mean I would be a sympathetic helper if you are a horder.  Don’t ask me to come and help you unless you really want all your junk thrown away.  Because Mr.G and I watch that show and I think that I would not, could not be as calm and patient as the organizers and counselors.  I would be the one making the horder cry.  Because I would be saying  “This is a bunch of trash!” and then chunking it in the truck.  I would not be tolerant when you stand there and cry over a decade old can of green beans, the moth eaten bed spread that the rodents have used as a bathroom, or as you picked through the mounds and mounds of crap. Nope, I would be shoveling that mess into a truck as fast as I could.  So don’t ask  me to help you clean if you are a horder.  

And that my friends is a glimpse into my mind, a little ride on my train of thoughts ……scary huh?



4 thoughts on “Google, hoarding, and the gunk under my refrigerator

  1. Just wanted to say AMEN to your turtle comment 🙂 I piped up earlier and said a few pro-Phil things, too. ha ha. There was such drama about her kids playing with that turtle! I couldn't get over it. Well intentioned, I know, but so hilariously off base to me. "They need to teach other turtles how to swim" really cracked me up. No they don't! Turtles don't "learn" how to swim. ha ha. Anyway. Just wanted to say I really liked your comment. And I say "good gravy", too 🙂

  2. I'm with you on the Hoarders thing! I literally want to yell at the TV, "It's a broken hanger for God's sake! you are NOT going to make a craft out of it!" I think the hoarders should be crying because they're so thankful these people are willing to come help them shovel out of their junk hole, but no, they're crying because they want to wallow in the junk. I just don't get it!

  3. You are FUNNY!! And your google habits made me hungry…We don't have a Genghis Grill–but it sure made me hungry reading about it! 🙂 I do NOT understand the mentality of most of the people on Hoarders. I'm with you–back up the truck and start shoveling!!

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