I’m with the band

How are you lovely people?  It has been very busy here. 

The oldest boy had his first band trip/competition.  The band did great.  They got a score of 1 for their performance and the band won overall “outstanding band” for the competition.  155 sixth graders! Imagine that!!! Here, look at this pic then you won’t have to imagine it.

This is all of them up on the stage performing.  All 155, they had to add extra chair for them.  πŸ™‚
The festival was at a little amusement park, so I also got some shots like this….
Doesn’t he look thrilled to have his pic taken?

He and daddy played a little golf….

And, this is an EXTREMELY rare picture, the preteen male human is sighted having fun with friends!
And look!  A second sighting!!
And those blue spots in the grass?  For real Texas bluebonnets folks.  Truly, the wildflowers are GORGEOUS this year.  This pics (taken on my phone, from the car, on the interstate) do not do anywhere near justice.  But I shot these for my displaced Texas friend Kate, over at Songs Kate Sang
I’ll try to get some better  shots, with a real camera, and not from a moving vehicle, and post them to try and show you the beauty you are missing.  πŸ™‚
Blessings friends,


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