The top 10 reasons I can’t wait for summer

1.  I no longer have to wake up before the sun. If you have read my blog for any length of time, you know how i feel about getting up in the dark. It should be made illegal. And in the summer I don’t have to do it.
2. I do not have to pack lunches. I know that it takes very little time but somehow I still dislike doing it.
3. My laundry decreases significantly.  In the summer, we spend alot of time swimming. Which means that my kids spend 90% of their time in either pajamas or swim trunks.  Swim trunks and swim towels make for some EASY laundry days.  I love summer laundry!
4. We make our own schedule. We don’t HAVE to go anywhere (generally, I mean we’ve got some dentist and doctor appointments scheduled) but every single day? NOPE!  We are easy breezy and free baby! So if we want a pj lazy day we can have it.
5. Weekly craft days.  A couple of years ago I started planning a weekly craft for the boys to work on and they loved it. I like it a lot too.  It gives them something fun to do, fills time, and breaks up the week.  Also, it is lowcost and keeps them busy.
6.  Cooking switch up. In the summer time I make big, supper type lunches, and then everyone is on their own for supper.  They can eat leftovers from lunch, sandwiches, cereal, whatever. LOVE IT!!!
Plus, we don’t usually get to eat with Mr.G.because his evening arrival time is quite variable but in the summer see him pretty much every day for lunch.
7. We get to travel with Mr. G.  Mr. G usually takes one or two out of town trips a month.  During school we don’t get to go but in the summer we get to tag along and hang out at the hotel.  Which to my boys is like a vacation.
8.  Books!!! Summer is when I get to read all the books I have stock piled over the school year.  And magazines,  they are great by the pool reading. 
9. Morning swimming and afternoons in the air conditioning. We swim in the morning.  Come in and shower, have lunch and then spend the afternoon in the wonderful air conditioning either doing crafts or reading.  The perfect way to spend a day!
10.  Pinterest—all the stuff that I pin all year that I keep planning to get to one day—-well summer is that day baby!!!

Oh, summer, I love you.  And you are a mere 20 days away….. I can’t wait!!!



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