And 5 grocery store trips later…..

You know how you start out on a project that you think, “oh, this will be really easy.  it shouldn’t take any time at all” and it turns out to be like building the Great Wall? Yeah, that was how it went yesterday.  
The lil’ guy’s first grade class has been studying ocean life all this week so I, being the super room mom that I am, volunteered to make an ocean themed snack.  I thought, I would make some blue jello in clear plastic cups, top them with whipped cream for waves, and put a little gummy fish on top.  Super cute right?  And easy, I mean how hard is jello?  You’d think!
Wednesday after work I went to the grocery store—completely forgot the blue jello.  Thursday  before work I went back to the grocery store and bought 6 boxes of blue jello.  After work, I went home and mixed it up—and didn’t have NEAR enough!  That’s OK, I’ve got to run to Target anyway.  Umm, Target does not have blue jello.  No problem, Albertson’s is right across the street and I can get the 8 boxes I need there.  Albertson’s only has 4 boxes of blue jello.  Is this some kind of joke?  OK, I’ll head toward the kid’s school, stop at the same store I went to this morning, and then head over to pick him up.  What!?!?!  The blue jello is gone?!?!?  Nooooooo!!!!  Wait!  Look at the far back of the shelf! There are some back there!  There are 10 boxes!  I only need 8.  Should I buy the extra 2?  Nah, I made 6.  8 more will be plenty.  (sigh) OK, it has been a two day process, but I’ve got everything to complete the project.  So, I did.  And would you believe half those stinkin’ kids didn’t eat but 2 bites?!  That’s what I get for be a super room mom!
Anyway, here’s the finished project…..

Ungrateful kids!

Blessings friends,


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