If you wake up a mom at 4 a.m.

If you wake up a mom at 4 a.m. then she probably won’t be able to go back to sleep.

If she can’t go back to sleep then she will decide to get up and brush her teeth.

When she goes in the bathroom, she will see the full laundry hamper and decide to start the wash.

When she goes in the laundry room to start the washer, she will see that the litter box needs to be emptied.

After emptying the litter box, she will need to sweep the laundry room floor. 

Once she finishes sweeping the laundry room, she will then decide to sweep the adjacent hallway and guest bathroom. 

When she goes in to the bathroom to sweep, she will decide to clean the bathroom. 

After she finishes cleaning the guest bathroom she will decide to go and clean her bathroom.

While she is cleaning the bathroom, she will take the trashcan to the kitchen to empty it. 

When she goes in the kitchen, she will decide to make some coffee.

Once the coffee is finished she will open the refrigerator to get some cream.

When she opens the refrigerator to get the cream, she will see the strawberries and grapes that need to be used so she will decide to make fruit salad. 

While she is getting the fruit out for the salad, she will also get out eggs to make a casserole for breakfast. 

When she is making the fruit salad, she thinks that she needs to take something out for supper. 

She will then go to the garage to get some chicken out of the freezer.

When she goes to the garage, she will notice that the washer has stopped so she will put the clothes into the dryer. 

She will then go back into her bathroom to get the next load of clothes. 

When she comes out of the bathroom she will think about how all of her family is still sleeping and she will want to lie back down and try to go back to sleep. 

Once she gets comfortable and is about to fall asleep, her family will start to wake up.

If her family gets up and starts there day, she won’t be able to fall back asleep.  So she will decide to get back up…

And if a mom gets up—she will probably go do some laundry.

Just a little glimpse into how my day began.  🙂
Blessings friends,


2 thoughts on “If you wake up a mom at 4 a.m.

  1. I LOVE this post and can totally relate to the endless distractions and bunny trails of life through a house… even at 4:00am! :-)I came to visit you at the suggestion of Larri, who tells me you are interested in trying out the Hello Mornings summer challenge. I am in Texas also, and have started a fb accountability group. You are welcome to join us! The link to the group is https://www.facebook.com/groups/425488397461442/And good luck with that laundry. Mine is NEVER finished! LOL!

  2. P.S. I kept wondering if the chicken ever actually got out of the freezer. Or maybe got out of the freezer and got left next to the washer? That is the sort of thing I would do!

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