Trash to treasure

The Mr. and I have not been out treasure hunting for months.  There just have not been any auctions or many sales going on recently.  But, the weather is getting nice and so people are clearing out their stuff. We headed out this past Saturday morning and I got a few great things. 
One of my finds was a outdoor rocker.  It is made of all wood,oak I think, and is heavy as can be.  But it was neglected.  It was all great and beat up.  It needed to be sanded and repainted.  It was in such bad shape that I got it for only $5!  You know it was a mess!!! But I knew that it could be super cute. 
Now, as usual, I got so excited about the project that I forgot to take my “before” picture so you’ll just have to imagine how sad it looked.  Here is the finsihed project….

I found the cushions at Walmart after looking at 4 other places without any luck.  I LOVE it!

And, while we are in my back yard, check out the super cute fence the Mr.  put  up around our garden. 

I saw something similar on Pinterst in the fall and showed it to the Mr.  He agreed with me that it must become a reality in our yard.  The arbor is actually purple but it is hard to tell in this pic. That is honeysuckle planted on the left—with the idea being that it will grow up over the arbor.  And the right is a blueberry bush that lil E has high hopes for—he LOVES blueberries!

And while we are on the subject of E, he had to make a person out of plants.  This is what he came up with—I did the pinning and he did the layout.

This is Dan the Plant Man.  His hair is lettuce, face is a slice of lemon, body is a piece of cucumber, arms are carrots, and legs are pea pods.    E can’t understand why he won’t be able to save Dan forever!  🙂

Blessings friends,


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