Fashion insights

As I have gone about my business during the last few days, I have been subject to some fashion choices that seem questionable at best.  Therefore, I thought, in the spirit of civic duty, that I should use my blog to share the insights I have gained.

#1.  Regardless of your age, size, and/or shape, a tube top is NOT a flattering choice.  Your boobs look like they are about to make their world premiere, everything above and below the tube looks squished out.  Trust me, a sausage casing is not the way to go.

#2  Once you are past your 20’s your hemline needs to drop past your mid-thigh, and even if you are in your 20’s, any hemline above your mid-thigh looks trashy. 

  just NOT cute!    

looks like she forgot her pants!

#3  Pajamas are not for public consumption
If you do not have the time or energy to get dressed before leaving the house, then perhaps you need to reconsider the importance of that errand you are about to run. 
#4 If portions of your anatomy generally covered by undergarments are visible—you need to put on more clothes–or larger clothes
And finally, this one is not fashion related but is also an important public issue—-no one wants to hear your cell phone conversation.  if you have so much to say that your conversation will last the entire time you walk around the store, thereby sharing your business with everyone, then you need to go sit in your car and finish your call. Seriously, if the call will take more than two minutes it is not appropriate for you to have that conversation in public.  FOR REAL!  You are annoying people!!! And now we all know about your cousin who married his sister, who had an affair with her boss, and both are now pregnants.  And she can’t even take care of the kids she have. And they can’t afford diapers.  Really, take it outside.
And that concludes today’s public service announcement.
Blessings friends,

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