some might call it an obsession

Before you look at the pictures I am putting in this post, I want to say that I am aware that I have discussed this topic before.  I am aware that I have posted similar pictures before.  I am also aware that I take maybe a little too much joy in this project and topic.  And yet, despite all this knowledge and awareness, I am once again going to show you pictures of my latest adventure in my never ending challenge to make my pantry better organized and appealing.  Yeah, my pantry.

See those cool little drawers there?  Well I had seen something on Pinterest where a lady had used similar but larger drawers to organize items for her kids’lunches.  Everything was sorted and labled and the kids could easily grab the items needed and pack their own lunches.  Well, I thought it would be genius, and so much better then the giant mess of a basket, to do something similar for my kids snacks.  BUT, those dang drawers were like $15 per set and that was more than I wanted to spend for my latest pantry project.
Enter a teacher having a garage sale.  She had these two sets of drawers that she had used in her classroom that she was getting rid of for $3!!! Yes, I said $3.  That is a savings of $27!!! What a total score!  Of course I snapped them up.  Brought them home and gave them a through washing and drying then set them up in the pantry.  I even broke out the label maker and labeled the drawers. 
Yes, this brings me great happiness.  🙂
The other thing that I worked on last week was a wreath.  When we were in San Antonio a few weeks ago we went to the market square and I saw all these great fiesta wreaths.  (for those that don’t know Fiesta is a week long party in San Antonio) Anyway, the wreaths were brightly colored and loaded with ribbons and flowers but cost prohibitive, especially when I knew that I could make one with stuff I already had at home.  So last week when the Mr. was out of town I decided to break out the glue gun and make my vision a reality.

I started with a straw wreath that I already had.  I did not remove the plastic wrap around it because the straw always makes such a mess. 

then I cut strips of ribbons about 12″ long and glued them to the bottom of the wreath at the back.

then I flipped the wreath over.  I cut the stems off the gerber daisies then started placing them around the wreath.  Once I decided I liked a flower in a certain spot, I but some hot glue on the back of the flower and glued it to the wreath..

Every so often, I hung it on the hook on my pantry so that I could step back and look at it. Then I would fill in any noticable gaps with flowers and added more ribbons.  And here is the finished product hanging on my front door.  I LOVE it!



4 thoughts on “some might call it an obsession

  1. I want you to come visit…MY PANTRY!!!! I wanted to see INSIDE those drawers–like what kind of lunch stuff? Your pantry is beautiful, and inspires me to work on mine some more.Also–your wreath is so pretty!! I love it!

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