teacher appreciation

Next to moms, I think teachers might be the people most in need of appreciation and recognition.  Granted I fall into both categories so I might be a little bit biased.  But it’s my blog so I can say what I want. 
If you were unaware, this week is teacher appreciation week.  Each year I try to come up with some ideas and send a little something each day.  Nothing major or expensive but just something to let the
teacher know that I appreciate that she has a tough job. 
So, on Monday I sent a small candle (which smelled YUMMY and fresh by the way—summer grass from Target) with a little tag on it that said “you are a SCENT-sational teacher”
Yesterday, I sent a tube of hand lotion with a cut out of E’s hands that said “I want to give you a HAND for being such a great teacher”  I did this one last year too.
Today, lil guy was running a 102 fever so he missed school.  Tomorrow he will have to take two gifts in to school.  Here’s the pics of those

This is a locking container.  Yeah, cool right?  Well, tomorrow another mom and I are taking lunch up to the teacher.  I am supposed to take fruit salad and I was trying to figure out what to deliver it in.  While I was running around Target I was on this aisle and I thought “Hey!  Why don’t I get her a little lunch container that she can reuse?”  So, I just took a sharpie and wrote her name on it and tomorrow will fill it with fruit.  I’m going to put it in to a plain small gift bag with…..

her fave candy is peanut m & m’s and the little tag says “in emergency..open bag”  It’s the end of the year and you know it is CRAZY at school right now!

Then today he was supposed to take these…

the tag on this one says “when our class is a circus, I’m glad that you’re our ring master.”

Then I have two more

“You are a MINT of a teacher”

and finally, I did this one last year too….

I hadn’t really thought about doing it again this year but Evan remembered it and really liked taking it in to his previous teacher and he wanted to do it again.

So, that’s it!  I am going to do one more gift for the end of the year and I’ll post pics of that once it is done. 

And don’t forget the other person that I said needs recognition….this weekend is Mother’s Day!!!

Blessings friends,


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