well that is just nasty!

see those gray spots on the carpet?  Those are dust bunnies.  Or cats, dust cats.  Dogs, large dust dogs.

Dust dogs and trash. Once a year, I move all the furniture, in every room, and clean under and behind, sweep off the baseboards and wipe them down.  It’s fun times.The above is what I found when I moved my dresser.  Just nasty….

But look how nice my room looks now that the furniture has been moved and every thing is throughly clean.

I like moving stuff around.  I didn’t add anything new to this room.  I just moved the furniture around and repositioned the lamps and other stuff. And it gives it a whole new look and feeling. 
I have always liked moving things around.I am constantly trying to find a new way to arranged the furniture and make the room look better and work better.  Even as a kid, I remember rearranging my room all the time.  And even then I would take things and repurpose them.  I even took an old fold up sewing table of my mom’s and made it into a desk for myself.  Maybe in my career I’ll become a decorator.  🙂
Anyway, lil E was home sick for the last couple of days, so I spent the whole morning yesterday cleaning and rearranging my room.  I need to do the boys’ rooms next.  I was going to work on it yesterday, but by the time I finsihed with mine…whooooo, I was worn out.  🙂


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