It’s almost birthday time…..

Lil’ E is about to turn 7 years old!!! I can’t believe it.  When we moved into our house he was just an itty bitty baby!!
This year he decided that he wanted to have a small birthday party.  He only wants to invite 6 kids.  Lucky me!  And he wants to have an Avengers party.  So, what we came up with is that everyone is going to wear their swimsuits and they will be armed with water guns to fight the villians. 

I made pics of villians on poster boards to hang up around the yard for the kids to shoot.  Check it out…

The Joker
The Green Goblin

Dr. Doom

Black Manta
Christopher felt compelled to share with me that not all my villians are Marvel Comic villians.  I told him that I knew that, but I had to pick villians that were familiar AND that I could draw.  Then he felt compelled to tell me where I had made mistakes on my drawings.  That would be the point that I banished him from my presence.  🙂  I think that they came out pretty good. I all did was google “comic villians” and then drew free hand the ones I chose.  Then I went in with tempra to paint them.  I do not define myself as an artist or even, as Evan put it “a good draw-er”  but I’m pretty pleased with them.  Especially since they are just going up around the yard to add to the theme and for the kids to shoot at.   More pics of party planning to come! 
Blessings friends!


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