A Super Hero birthday

My baby will be 6 years old for only 5 more days!!! I just can’t believe how fast he is growing.  Since his birthday always coincides with the end of school, we decided to have his birthday party this weekend so that we could catch his friends in town before everyone starts heading out for summer vacations. 
Lil’ E decided that he only wanted to invite 5 friends from school.  At first, I thought maybe this was too small of a group but it turned out to be just right.  Some of the kids brought siblings, so we ended up with about 8 kiddos and they all seemed to have lots of fun

Here are the villian posters that I made last week hung up around the fence.   They didn’t last very long, but the kids sure had a good time wiping them out.

It was just the right size party.  We made hot dogs and nachos for the kids and had cake and ice cream for dessert.  They swam and chased each other with water guns.  And since we had a small group, everyone got to go home with a nerf water gun as their party favor.

Each kiddo went home with a super soaker, an Avenger fun dip candy,

And attached to the bag I tied on 3 packs of kool-aid and a note that said “thanks for coming! Have a “kool” summer!”

Everyone seemed happy with their bags.  They said the cake was good.  The hot dogs and nachos were gobbled up.  And the sundaes were gone in a blink!  All signs of a great party. 

Blessings friends,


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