Canning, canning, canning

Mr. G brought in a 5 gallon bucket of lil’ bitty peaches from one of our trees this week.  5 gallons is a LOT of peaches. 

This bowl contains 145 peaches that have been sliced.  Yes, I counted them. And even after that I still–put some whole ones in the fridge for the kids to snack on, sent a sack full to my mother in law, and sent sacks to my neighbors on either side. It was a lot of peaches…

Anyway, I got this idea to cook them down and can them through the inversion method from Pinterest. 

Step one was to cut them all up–I did not peel them

I put them in a large pot with about 1/4 cup of water, 3 cups of sugar, and liberal amounts of cinnamon and nutmeg, and smaller amounts of ground clovesand ginger. I stirred it all up and turned the heat on high.  Once everything got warm and started boiling, I turned the heat down to medium and let it simmer away for 20 to 30 minutes. 

Then I got my immersion blender out and made several passes through the mixture. My goal here was not to get everything chopped up and smooth.  My desired end product was more of a chunky preserve rather than smooth jam or jelly.  I let it simmer a few more minutes then I added one packet of this

I am not endorsing this or telling you to use it.  This was what my grocery store had when I sent the mister to get the pectin so this is what he came home with for me. It seemed to work fine for me, but for all I know there may be something better out there. You have to bring it to a boil again after you add this and let it simmer a bit again.

Then I ladled it into clean jars.  I tried to use a funnel but my peach chunks clogged it up, so I just used a dish cloth to hold my jars and wiped any drips before putting on the lid.  Make sure you seal the jar tightly then place it upside down on a towel.  The directions I read said to leave them upside down for 10 minutes then flip them over and as they cool you will hear them pop and form the vacuum seal.  That’s what I did with the first batch and it worked perfectly.  The next day I did some blackberries in the evening and forgot to flip them over.  They sat upside down all night but were sealed when I got up in the morning and checked them.  So, don’t stress about the timing.  It seems like if they are going to seal they will, if they don’t stick them in the fridge and use them within 2 weeks.

Then, because I am IN LOVE with my label maker, I typed up labels with the contents and date and put them on the jars.  How cool is that!?!

And I’ve got one more thing to show you….I got this idea from Pinterest too

I got some remnants and used my pinking shears to cut them into strips. Then I tied them to a straw wreath. As I was working on it–I had my doubts it would come out as I envisioned.  But, once I got it hung up, I really like it! So that’s my wreath for the next month!

Blessings friends!


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