Catchin up

I am warning you now that this is going to be like chasing a rabbit. I’ve got no one topic so this blog entry is going to be all over the place. Also, my laptop has a foot in the grave so I am trying to post from my iPad for the first time ever. I expect some weird auto correct errors. 1st. If you did not watch the Hatfields and McCoys on the history channel last week I encourage you to do so. History is rerunning it practically evy day so you should be able to find it at some point. Mr. G and I loved it. In fact, when it was over we felt like something was missing, we didn’t know what to watch on tv! Really interesting, we learned a lot. 2nd. The big kid had his tonsils out on Monday. The recovery is going much better then mr. G and I expected We are very thankful for this unexpected blessing. The tonsils were huge! The doc said they turned out to be the size of silver dollars! No, wonder the kid felt like something was stuck in his throat all the time! 3rd. I’ve not done well instituting our summer schedule with the pre-op and op and post op. the little kid is going to art camp next week each morning so I am hoping to get us in a routine then. 4th. The peach preserves are fantastic! I highly recommend the recipe and method if you too have an abundance of peaches. I also did some blackberries which the guys I live with loved. And raspberries are super cheap this week so they want some of those. The favorite consumption method here is over vanilla ice cream. Very tasty! We also made some vinegared cucumbers which the mr loved and wants more of. He also wants me to find out about canning squash. I’m not sure of that one. 5th we have so much squash and zucchini right now! I’m having a hard time keeping up with it. I think we have had squash in some form everyday the last week and I am still giving it away by the sack full. Tomatoes are just now ripening. I ate an entire plateful with nothing but salt and pepper for lunch today. 6th. As previously mentioned my laptop is not long for this world. This led me to take all my pics and load them on to shutterfly. Which took an exceedingly long time due to the number of pics. Which has led me to vow that from now on I will upload all pics to shutterfly when I take them off my camera. 7th. Anyone out there have a Mac laptop? The mr.’s laptop is crashing too so we are thinking about buying one Mac for the two of us to share rather than two dell laptops. I’ve heard once we make the switch we will never regret it. Insights? I think I am done. I could probably wander around in my brains recesses some more but I hear the lil kid in there pestering the big kid and I am going to have to go and intervene. Blessings friends, Tracey


3 thoughts on “Catchin up

  1. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending upon how you look at it), I understood your entire post. I think our brains are similarly wired. 🙂 Watched part of H & M and loved it. Need to watch the entire series. It was on Lifetime TV last night too. Had my tonsils out about 7 years ago. Lost 17 pounds in 11 days. Son#1 had his out at the same time. He ate Tortilla chips on day 2. Ah, youth!My MIL brought us a huge amount of peaches. I'm thinking about trying your preserves recipe. I'm leery about the canning process, but yours seems like a simple way to do it. I'm an HP laptop girl, though my BIL swears by his MAC. Good luck deciding!And Happy Thursday, friend! 🙂

  2. Oh my – sounds like summer vacation is in full swing over there. My house looks a wreck and it's hard to keep up. I can tell the kids are here. All day.

  3. You know i have a Mac and love it. I've heard they don't have problems with crashing – so far so good! I know my mac will do so much more than I know how to do with it. We bought it while we were living in Midland, but if we had been living here, I would have paid extra and gotten the Apple school where you go to the Apple store and they teach you about your mac. I seriously will never go back. I do love it. I miss you!

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