Rich people problems

My computer issues are making me nuts! At this point my laptop does little more than turn on and then proceed to lock up and irritate me. I was hoping to be able to keep it going until the end if the year before having to bite the bullet and get a new one. Unfortunately, I don’t think that is going to work. If it weren’t for this blog and similar other activities then it probably wouldn’t be a big problem but I just need a full on keyboard and larger screen sometimes. One of the reasons is also that I am going to be starting an etsy shop. That means I need to be able to pat and manipulate pics which I can’t effectively do with my current issues. Do any of you have etsy shops? Any tips or issues you could offer? I am hoping to be able to channel my love of creating and crafting and actually make a little bit of pocket money for me and the boys. Tomorrow is Saturday! Treasure hunting day! Woohoo! I didn’t tell you about my MAJOR score last weekend, three dozen large mason jars for $2!!!! Yes, that is exciting to me. As I recently told my friend Alayna—I enjoy a good jar. I also got a bunch of other cool things. Like, three Rubbermaid storage tubs of fabric and lace for $6. I gave all that to mr. G’s aunt. She has been sick so to fill her days she has been sewing and embroidering. she was very excited to have all of it to go thru. I will let you know if we find anything cool this weekend. Now I have to share a super easy “recipe” with you Pizza-dillas 1 pkg of flour tortillas 1 jar. Of spaghetti sauce—-we used Bertolli tomato and basil Pepperoni Sausage Shredded mozzarella Any other pizza toppings to your liking Take two tortillas. Spread a very thin layer of the sauce on each tortilla. On one tortilla place your pizza toppings. The boys went with cheese, pepperoni, and sausage. I went with bell pepper slices, cheese, and spinach. Place your other tortilla, sauce down, on top. Then place on a hot griddle, in a quesadilla maker, on a panini press, etc. use whatever you’ve got, we used the pannin press tonight. Warm some of the sauce to use for dipping, cut into wedges to serve. The g boys loved it! Blessings friends, Tracey


One thought on “Rich people problems

  1. My computer did the same thing. I bought a new hard-drive for it…$70 and had to re-load Windows. Voila! It's working great now. I do not have an etsy store, but many of my friends do. No tips, but good luck! Let me know when it's up and running…I'll do a feature post on my blog for you! :)We make pizza-dillas too. LOVE!Happy Saturday! 🙂

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